Goucher students work with IMAGE Center of Maryland

Catherine Gepner

Hannah Malloy

Students at the IMAGE Center of Maryland

Approximately 153,000 people with disabilities reside in Baltimore County, but Baltimore County offers only 90 housing units specifically designed for people with disabilities. This means the majority of people with disabilities in Baltimore are living in housing that is not fully accessible or functional. The IMAGE Center of Maryland provides a solution.

The IMAGE Center, which stands for Independent Marylanders Achieving Growth Through Empowerment, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Marylander’s with disabilities gain independence and live self sufficiently. The organization is dedicated to the creating a learning and thinking environment to challenge popular concepts of what people with disabilities can do. Located in Towson, the center offers free independent living skills programs, including, money management, travel training, and cooking courses, as well as peer mentoring. Besides offering skills training the center also assists individuals with disabilities in understanding and exercising their civil rights regarding government and other service providers. All these opportunities simultaneously help build self esteem and offer a social outlet. Read more of this post

Ungar sabbatical includes research in Italy, teaching, writing

Jaclyn Peiser

With his final months as Goucher’s tenth president coming to an end, Sanford Ungar has begun lining up plans for his yearlong sabbatical.
“I leave this job on Monday, June 30 and on Wednesday, July 2, I’ll be on an airplane to Italy,” Ungar said. “I’m spending the whole rest of July at The Bellagio Center of the Rockefeller Foundation [in their] residency program.”
Ungar applied and was accepted to The Sanford Ungar , which selects scholars, leaders, artists, and policymakers who plan to write and conduct innovative research on global issues. “It’s a chance to go think and write in a beautiful setting, and eat wonderful Italian food,” Ungar said.
Ungar plans to write and conduct research on study abroad and American foreign policy. Read more of this post

Athlete Profile: Midori Fujitani, Men’s Tennis

Christine Cherry
Sports Editor

Freshman tennis player Midori Fujitani is quite a busy young man. When asked to describe a typical day, Fujitani answered, “I usually wake up an hour before my first class and eat breakfast, which I think is the most important meal of all,” he said. “After finishing all my classes of the day, I have a practice for two to two and a half hours. I usually eat dinner with my team and spend most of my night at the Ath to do my homework.”
Anyone can tell that he donates quite a bit of time to his sport, and that is made clear by his success. Currently, he has won six of his last eight matches and four straight singles matches at the No. 3 spot. Fujitani feels that singles are his strong suit, as he has more experience with them.
“In high school, I only played singles. So, when I came to Goucher, I was much better and felt more comfortable playing singles. Now I play doubles in which I need to be able to use different strategies from that of singles and communicate with my partner.”
Tennis has always been something Fujitani loves. “Regardless of which school I would attend,” he said, “I knew that I would play tennis in college.”
One of the main reasons Fujitani chose Goucher was for Coach Brendan Kincaid, who is currently in his second year of coaching the Gophers. “The coaches are fantastic,” Fujitani said. “[Coach Kincaid] also would stay and hit with us individually if we wanted to work [on] things that we did not do in practice.” But Fujitani likes many other things about Goucher outside of the tennis team. One of these things is the small class size, as most people who come here do. Another reason, though, reflects Fujitani’s friendly and caring nature.
“What I liked the most about Goucher was that people here were so welcoming and did care about other people.” And now Fujitani is a part of that group as well.
Fujitani, as an experienced player, seems to have a good idea of his own goals and objectives for the remainder of the season, but not all of those goals are about winning. “Since I am the smallest guy on the team, my goal, in terms of physical, is to gain more weight,” Fujitani said. “To achieve this goal, I probably need to eat more food that is nutritionally balanced.”
Fujitani is also an excellent example of what it means to be a student-athlete, as he said, “While being an athlete, I am also a college student and primarily here to study so I need to be able to balance sports and study. To achieve this goal, I need to be better at time management, which I think is one of my weaknesses.” As for tennis, Fujitani wants to work more on his doubles. “Playing doubles is not easy, and I still need to practice more, but I appreciate Goucher for giving me opportunity to play doubles.”
Come support Fujitani and the rest of the Gophers take on Landmark Conference rival Juniata on Thursday, April 17, at 3:00 p.m.

How FOOLISH are you?

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Swim team fares well at conferences

Sarah Pardus
Chief Copy Editor

Anyone who has been a competitive swimmer in their lifetime knows it can be one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports out there. The Landmark Conference Championships are where the Goucher College Swim Team shows how hard they worked throughout the last five months. They leave everything behind in the pool. This year was no exception.
There were many notable swims during Conferences. Almost every single member of the team swam at least one personal best time. Over the course of the three-day weekend, there were two Conference Champion swims, one runner-up, a third place finisher, nine school records, and countless lifetime best swims. However, the stats weren’t the most important part to Graduate Assistant Kelly Heyde. When asked her thoughts on the weekend, she said, “What strikes me, more than what the Gophers accomplished in the pool, is what they achieved on the pool deck.”
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Post Punk with Patrick: Braid Balance

Patrick Bransfield
Staff Writer

Balance and Composure have always represented (for me at least,) a bridge between 90s grunge and emo music, and modern post hardcore bands. Therefore, upon seeing on Facebook that Balance would be releasing a split with Braid, an Illinois emo outfit actually from the 90s, I was eager to give it a listen. However, the first song of the split “Lux” by Braid, turned out to be a pretty big let down to my ears. The band is obviously instrumentally tight, having 20 years of experience under their belt.

Braid Balance (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

Braid Balance (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)

It’s not that “Lux” is poorly written either, the song is an interesting toe-tapper that’s catchy and also rhythmically interesting.  However, the vocals completely kill the track for me. Bob Nanna’s voice is unnecessarily whiney, and doesn’t fit the major/up-beat drive the song has. And that’s saying a lot coming from a listener who spent his middle school years listening to Fall Out Boy. 

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Crossroads Task Force Propose Future Plans for Goucher

Samuel Kessler
Staff Writer

President Sanford Ungar sent an email to the staff and faculty detailing the creation of a taskforce called Crossroads on January 4. In his email, Ungar describes Crossroads as “the second iteration” of Crossroads, a task force created in September 2011 by the suggestion of the Strategic Planning Group. Crossroads is formed from a mixture of trustees, faculty, staff, and ex officio members (who are members due to having another important role on campus), with some of the members returning from Crossroads. Returning members include President Ungar, Associate Professor of Education and Faculty Chair La Jerne Cornish ’83, Professor of Psychology Rick Pringle, now Chair of the Board Norma Lynn Fox ’76, and Chair Pierce Dunn. Meetings of Crossroads+ began in January. Read more of this post


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