Reflections from The Q senior editors

The Quindecim staff members at the year end party (Photo: Nora Morgan)

The Quindecim staff members at the year end party (Photo: Nora Morgan)

Jaclyn Peiser

It was my third week at Goucher when I decided to get involved with The Q. At my first meeting, I pitched two features articles, a news article, and a freshman column. They gave me one of the feature stories and the column. Thus began the beginning of a transformative, essential, and defining experience to my time at Goucher.
I have learned so much from this newspaper: How to work with difficult people, how to take and respond to criticism, how to be an effective leader, how to stay organized and productive, and how to put out a newspaper every two weeks. But most importantly, I have learned that being a journalist is something I am meant to do when I graduate. I look forward to attending Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism this August, honing and developing the skills I have learned through The Q.
Although the job of Editor-in-Chief can be stressful, tough, and unappreciated, it has been overwhelmingly rewarding. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing and supportive editorial staff and that our faculty advisor, David Zurawik, has been an invaluable source of guidance and support. But, I am even more thankful to the previous Quindecim editors, who saw my potential and allowed me to move up the ranks.

Ryan Derham
Co-Global Editor

When I try to remember the person I was when I moved into Goucher College my freshman year, I can’t really. Change happens so slowly, I couldn’t tell you the moment I became a confident writer, a passionate learner, a determined tennis player. The accomplishments we’ve all made are important, and the goals we’ve yet to reach are not there to taunt us. They are there to drive us forward. Seniors, we may be unsure of ourselves, but there are things we take for granted everyday. When things become stressful, remember those things we are so fortunate to have. Lastly, a quote, because we are never too old to believe: “And above all, watch with glittering eyes all around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
-Roald Dahl

Christine Cherry
Sports  Editor

I have really enjoyed my time working on The Q! I was really fortunate to be taken in with open arms despite being new this year. I always looked forward to the meetings, laughs, and spelling errors. It was a great run!

Jessica Hallstrom
Co-Global Editor

I remember my first Q meeting in the first few weeks of freshman year – sitting in the back of the office on the big couch, I was so excited to get a chance to write for the student paper. Though I’ve had various degrees of involvement with The Quindecim over the past four years, I have the same passion for it now as I did during that first meeting. I hope that the upcoming years will bring it the recognition that it deserves and that The Q will continue to be a respected outlet for students to voice their opinions and hone their talents as journalists.

Sara Torgerson
Arts Editor

The past couple of months I have been trying to practice the art of leaving college with a certain sprezzatura. I find that this is damn near impossible. My time at Goucher has been… well… formative. Who I am as a person today has been the result of the forming, shaping, and reshaping of my character by friends, classes, professors, and of course, extra-curricular influences like writing and editing for The Q.
I started writing for The Q last year when the Ecce Homo wall fresco crisis in Spain happened. I thought the whole Jesus mural debauchery was hysterical and needed to write something in response. Since that first article, The Q has become a constant labor of love, and an  every-two-weeks reminder to reflect on Arts and a source of stress when chasing after writers to get their articles in – I mean you Patrick.
The Q has been a source of laughter, support, and brought me together with some of my favorite people. Allison Panetta ‘13 thought up the title of my column, Smart Art, last year on the office couch. In the office itself, there have been a lot of new friends, laughs, tears, stress, and perspectives changed, but like college, it is now time to leave The Q and to pass it on to the next generation of students who will make their own memories.

Sarah Pardus
Chief Copy Editor

Four years ago, I walked into The Q office terrified. I enjoyed writing, but I didn’t want people to judge me. I was intimidated by the editors and afraid to speak up or write any articles. I wrote less than five newspaper articles during my first two years at Goucher, instead copyediting hundreds of others.
It wasn’t until I became the chief copy editor that it clicked for me. I was more confident in my writing after reading everyone else’s. I loved sports and began writing athlete profiles, a  beat that became mine.
Senior year, I stuck with my role as chief copy editor, but I stepped further out of my comfort zone. I actually opened my mouth at the meetings, I wasn’t afraid to walk into The Q office, and I wrote articles outside of the sports section that I knew and loved. I connected with people I otherwise would have never known. I found a place for myself at Goucher outside of being an athlete.

Christopher Riley
Associate Editor

From the first education class I took freshman year to field work this semester, it’s hard to believe what I thought would happen in college versus what actually happened. Coming off yearbook and the newsletter in high school, I vowed to take these four years off from journalism, being a leader, and doing all of the crazy things I used to do in high school. Do I regret it? Of course not. Would I do it again the same way? Maybe. Do I think I’m a more well-rounded person for pushing through it all? Yes.
I can’t begin to tell you how much the friends I’ve made here mean to me and can’t begin to tell you how many feelings I have coming to the realization that there will be some people I won’t ever see again. It actually makes me a little sad. I hope that those people feel somewhat the same feelings. Graduation is 18 days away, there’s nothing I can do about that, and while I can’t wait for it to get here, I know it’ll be one of the hardest days I ever face.
All I can do now is what do every day… Try to take over the world!

Kathryn Walker
Co-Features Editor

My time with The Q started my freshman year with an interview with Billie Weiss, then editor-in-chief of The Quindecim. Imagine an interview about writing a column with a senior who wore wingtip shoes – intimidating, to say the least. But somehow, four years later, I’m still writing a food column, albeit one that has morphed into something that encompasses more than just food. “Goucher Eats” reflects my growth  concerning culture, food science, and more. I have been given a space to express my thoughts, experiences, and recipes. And through this editing experience, I have come to form friendships with fellow wordsmiths and Gophers that have made this fourth and final year at Goucher year such a memorable one. Merci beaucoup!

GSG releases proposed constitution, requires 750 votes

Samantha Cooper
News Editor

The Student Government Association held a meeting on March 31 to discuss the

Billy Daly ‘16 speaking to the Goucher community about the proposed constitution (Photo: Chrisotpher Riley)

Billy Daly ‘16 speaking to the Goucher community about the proposed constitution (Photo: Chrisotpher Riley)

changes that will occur in the Goucher student government if the proposed constitution is ratified. The proposal, which requires 750 student signatures, will change the student government drastically.
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Athlete Profile: Midori Fujitani, Men’s Tennis

Christine Cherry
Sports Editor

Freshman tennis player Midori Fujitani is quite a busy young man. When asked to describe a typical day, Fujitani answered, “I usually wake up an hour before my first class and eat breakfast, which I think is the most important meal of all,” he said. “After finishing all my classes of the day, I have a practice for two to two and a half hours. I usually eat dinner with my team and spend most of my night at the Ath to do my homework.”
Anyone can tell that he donates quite a bit of time to his sport, and that is made clear by his success. Currently, he has won six of his last eight matches and four straight singles matches at the No. 3 spot. Fujitani feels that singles are his strong suit, as he has more experience with them.
“In high school, I only played singles. So, when I came to Goucher, I was much better and felt more comfortable playing singles. Now I play doubles in which I need to be able to use different strategies from that of singles and communicate with my partner.”
Tennis has always been something Fujitani loves. “Regardless of which school I would attend,” he said, “I knew that I would play tennis in college.”
One of the main reasons Fujitani chose Goucher was for Coach Brendan Kincaid, who is currently in his second year of coaching the Gophers. “The coaches are fantastic,” Fujitani said. “[Coach Kincaid] also would stay and hit with us individually if we wanted to work [on] things that we did not do in practice.” But Fujitani likes many other things about Goucher outside of the tennis team. One of these things is the small class size, as most people who come here do. Another reason, though, reflects Fujitani’s friendly and caring nature.
“What I liked the most about Goucher was that people here were so welcoming and did care about other people.” And now Fujitani is a part of that group as well.
Fujitani, as an experienced player, seems to have a good idea of his own goals and objectives for the remainder of the season, but not all of those goals are about winning. “Since I am the smallest guy on the team, my goal, in terms of physical, is to gain more weight,” Fujitani said. “To achieve this goal, I probably need to eat more food that is nutritionally balanced.”
Fujitani is also an excellent example of what it means to be a student-athlete, as he said, “While being an athlete, I am also a college student and primarily here to study so I need to be able to balance sports and study. To achieve this goal, I need to be better at time management, which I think is one of my weaknesses.” As for tennis, Fujitani wants to work more on his doubles. “Playing doubles is not easy, and I still need to practice more, but I appreciate Goucher for giving me opportunity to play doubles.”
Come support Fujitani and the rest of the Gophers take on Landmark Conference rival Juniata on Thursday, April 17, at 3:00 p.m.

Women’s Lacrosse makes some noise in the Landmark Conference

Sarah Pardus
Chief Copy Editor

The women’s lacrosse team is making program history. For the first time since 2001, before Goucher joined the Landmark Conference, the Gophers are

Women’s Lacrosse against United States Merchant Marine (Photo: Christopher Riley)

Women’s Lacrosse against United States Merchant Marine (Photo: Christopher Riley)

2-0 in their conference season. The team has been successful out of conference play as well, with a record of 6-4. This record ties them with Catholic University and leaves them just half a point behind top seed Susquehanna.
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Athlete Profile: Desirae Moten, track and field.Christine Cherry Sports Editor

Christine Cherry
Sports Editor

Small, but mighty. Small, but fast. It’s easy to focus on her petite exterior when

Desirae Moten slows down for a picture in the SRC (Photo: Christopher Riley)

Desirae Moten slows down for a picture in the SRC (Photo: Christopher Riley)

talking about freshman Desirae Moten’s athletic endeavors in sprint events on the track. The 200m specialist from Philadelphia, Pa. joined the Gophers this past season on the track. When asked why she chose Goucher, Moten answered, “[What] I enjoyed every time I visited [was] the energy the students had, and how encouraging and helpful they were … they said Goucher is about encouraging and helping you find the right paths.” And one of those ‘paths’ Moten decided to take was joining the track team, after competing all four years of high school.
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