Movie Review: “Divergent”

Jessica Gude
Staff Wrtier

Over winter break I read the “Divergent” series. I had heard good things and knew

Photo: Google Images

Photo: Google Images

that a movie was quickly approaching. I found a quiet corner and less than twenty-four hours later I was planning a trip to the bookstore for the sequel. The story line was good, the concept was interesting, and the characters were strong. I quickly devoured the second and third books over the next several days and after that I had nothing to do but wait for the movie to come out three months later.
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Senior reflects on future and impact of study abroad experience.Ryan Derham Co-global Editor

Ryan Derham
Co-global Editor

It’s been over one year since I returned from studying abroad in India. I remember like it was yesterday, writing in my blog the night before my plane took off: This is my chance to go and I’m taking it. With few responsibilities midway through my college career, I didn’t have to think long about who and what I was leaving behind, I just left. Since returning, my hands have found their proper place using a knife and fork – they no longer shake. But I’m starting to forget what it meant to live in a country that is not my own, what the value of the rupee is and what the heart of India looks like.
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Post Punk with Patrick: The Hotelier, Like No Place is There

Patrick Bransfield
Staff Writer

The Hotelier’s (pronounced The Hotel Year) sophomore LP “Home, Like No Place is There” is

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

a phenomenal piece of art packed full of well-thought out song structures and solid playing. However, more than anything “Home, Like No Place is There” is a poetic account of guilt, love, destructive relationships and most prevalent – loss, experienced by singer Christian Holden. The album opens calmly with “An Introduction to the Album” as listeners practically wake-up into Holden’s shoes – “Open the curtains/ singing birds to me ‘tear the buildings down.’ You felt blessed to receive that pleasant sound.” Holden’s lyrics flow flawlessly through enjambments with a pleasant tone and coherence over soft guitars, setting the atmospheric foundation of the album. The focus shifts as Holden sheds some light on specific events such as talking a friend off of a ledge – “Just remember when you’d call me to come/ take a deep breath, and then jump.”

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Smart Art: Pink and gender roles in the art world

Sara Torgerson
Arts Editor

For the past couple of months I have been thinking about gender roles. I think of my introductory

Expressive piece representing pink as the color of life (Photo: Google Images)

Expressive piece representing pink as the color of life (Photo: Google Images)

lessons from Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” and her proclamation that women are more loyal to men of their same class or social circle than women who share their struggle as the “second sex.” Beauvoir recognized the ways in which women have played a part in their own oppression. I see myself and others do this too. Until recently, I always competed with other women in the arts rather than see how we could work together. Sometimes it seems as though there are only so many positions for women, therefore, one must stomp on the fingers of others.
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Nude art comes to the Silber: Femme, A Closer Look at the Female Form

Christine Cherry
Sports Editor

My academic interests include the study of the female physical body and its varying interpretations across cultures and eras. The current show in the Silber Gallery, “Femme,” showcases artists’ own perspectives of the feminine form. I was fortunate enough to attend the gallery opening on Feb. 6, to hear the artists (all females) and talk about their pieces over sangria and cheese.
The exhibit features varying media, from videos, photography, painting, and live performance. Many of the artists are MFA students, and some found artwork later in life. Despite all of their different backgrounds, there seems to be a connecting thread throughout the work: that even in 2014, women still receive criticism for using their bodies in any way, whether it’s in artwork, dance, or the like.
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