Marriage equality in Uganda

Jessica Gude 
Staff Writer

For several years in the United States, a major item on the political agenda of the national and state

Kenyan activists protest outside the Ugandan high commision over the country’s anti-gay bill (Photo: Google Images)

Kenyan activists protest outside the Ugandan high commision over the country’s anti-gay bill (Photo: Google Images)

legislators has been marriage equality.  Currently 17 states have officially legalized same sex marriage, meaning that it is legal in just over one third of the states. The global percentage is far more modest. While a total of 17 countries, mostly European and South American, have legalized same sex marriage, the general outcry as of late has been against these unions. 
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Provost Marc Roy announces Dr. LaJerne Cornish as Goucher’s new associate dean of undergraduate studies

Jaclyn Peiser

Samuel Kessler
News Editor

Provost Marc Roy announced in an email to the faculty and staff on Tuesday, Feb. 16 that LaJerne Cornish will assume the role of associate dean of undergraduate studies next fall.

LaJerne Cornish, chair of the education department and chair of faculty, in her office in Van Meter (Photo: Christopher Riley)

LaJerne Cornish, chair of the education department and chair of faculty, in her office in Van Meter (Photo: Christopher Riley)

“I’m very excited. I’ve worked closely with LaJerne in her role as chair of the faculty for the last three years,” Roy said. “She is absolutely wonderful in the way she works with students and her colleagues and I am very excited to have the chance to continue working with her in this capacity.”
The Provost first announced the search for current Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Amanda Thom Woodson’s replacement in a Jan. 13 letter to faculty and staff. Woodson will meet her two-term limit this spring semester and Roy asked for nominations and self-nominations. According to Woodson, other members of the staff and faculty asked to be part of the interview process, including Woodson’s assistant, the Director of the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Peejo Sehr, and Frona Brown, the college disabilities specialist. After going through the nomination and interview processes, Roy explained, “LaJerne was the best candidate.”
This sentiment continues across the college community.
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Discovering the meaning of the study abroad experience

Zoe Malkin
Staff Writer.

How to begin an article encapsulating my time thus far in Denmark: Did I want to give little factoids about Copenhagen and its people? For example, how Danes leave their children in strollers outside of grocery stores and cafés because the city is so safe. There has never been a kidnapping in Denmark! Or, that all public libraries are closed on Sundays, a college student’s prime day for work. But I thought that I wanted to share much more than that. And so here is my attempt to encapsulate this experience.
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First impressions: Adjusting to the ‘nutty’ Danes

Eli Kaufman

Nutty Danishes!  Sounds yummy right?  Well, now that I have grabbed your attention, I’m not talking about the delicious pastry that can be found in all of Copenhagen (and I mean ALL OVER Copenhagen).  I am talking about Danish people.

Kaufman ‘15 and Malkin ‘15 abroad in Copenhagen (Photo courtesy of Zoe Malkin)

Kaufman ‘15 and Malkin ‘15 abroad in Copenhagen (Photo courtesy of Zoe Malkin)

During orientation we were told about nutty danishes.  The Danish people, as I have come to realize in my short time here, are a bit nutty. I don’t mean that in a negative sense at all. When you eat a nut, you must first crack the shell and after you get past the hard, crunchy exterior, you get to the good part of the food, the part that is tasty and the part that satisfies your hunger needs.  You can’t do much with the shell, and you come to terms that you must do the necessary work to get to the good part in the center.
When you walk down a street in Copenhagen, you will notice people walking and keeping to themselves.  They do not make an effort to smile or look at you.  The busses that I take for a 20-minute commute to class are completely silent, except for the Americans talking amongst themselves.
First impressions are not everything.  We have always heard this expression, but we often overlook it and find ourselves making snap judgments about the people we encounter.  If I had made snap judgments about Danish people in my first week in Copenhagen, I would have believed that everyone was quiet, anti-social, and depressed (lack of sunlight, grey skies and wearing black could do that to you).
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Postcards from Berlin: From slump to motivation

Ruby Tucker
Staff Writer

“Feel great, act great, and be great” According to the vanilla hazelnut yogi tea bag my mom sent me from an LA Whole Foods to my flat in Berlin, it is apparently time for me to feel great! It is about 8:30 p.m. on a Tuesday evening and I am suddenly inspired to clean my room, do laundry, clean the bathroom, make a rare cup of tea, and mash up a banana, lemon and honey facial. Believe me this is no ordinary night in the Ruby Tucker residence. I’m lucky enough to have any motivation to do my homework, let alone get to work on my household responsibilities. Nevertheless, I found this hanging little tea bag square ironically inspirational, as I find most yogi tea bag messages. They are so simple, sometimes dumb, and often a little funny. There is something about them that is just so obviously odd. However, being the sentimental and introspective person that I am, I find this little quote applicable to my current life. It is so easy to fall into the daily routine of life stress – or at least college stress. With midterms approaching, papers due, travel plans to be made, and anxiety over how I’m spending my remaining time in Berlin, I find that lately I have fallen into a tiny slump. The past few weekdays have consisted of me rushing through class after class just so I can get home to relax, watch Netflix, and sleep. The cold weather and sleepless weekend nights have made it easy for me to fall into this routine. However great this ideal college set up of class, sleep, and Netflix is, it doesn’t make me feel that great. Even though the moment of pure bliss lying in my bed all cozy is definite perfection, I realized that soon after that moment fades, I am left with pages of procrastinated reading and an uneventful life. Although it might have taken a cup of yogi tea to reignite my motivation, at least it is something. From now on I promise in writing to “Transcend my Boundaries.”

Until next time- Ruby


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