Candace Doane Promoted to Director of Community Living

Sam Kessler
Staff Writer

New Director of Community Living, Candace Doane, is not tall. She keeps her dark brown hair cut short, an inch or two below her ears. When I spoke to her a few weeks ago, she looked tired, but satisfied by her day at work.

Candance Doane in her new office in Community Living. (Photo: Annie Cutchen).

Candance Doane in her new office in Community Living. (Photo: Annie Cutchen).

Over winter break, Ms. Doane was promoted to Director of Community Living, replacing Scott Eckhardt, who resigned in August 2012 and had previously held the analogous position of Assistant Dean of Community Living. According to Deborah Lupton, Vice President for Human Relations, Ms. Doane was chosen for a number of reasons, including support from upper members of the administration, as well as her role of associate director and interim leader of Community Living after Mr. Eckhardt’s resignation.

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Transfer Students Call Local Hotel Home

Shay Kettner

When transfer student Hayley Turnbaugh ’15 filled out her housing form for her first fall semester at Goucher College, living at The Sheraton was not on the ballot.Shortly after, she received an email stating she would be living in the hotel with 38 other transfer students.

Now, two weeks into the fall semester, Turnbaugh says, “living at the Sheraton is like living in a fancy, spacious dorm room.”

Student’s room in The Sharaton, Photo Courtesy: Christopher Riley

Even without the colorful nametags and decorated bulletin boards that fill the walls of resident halls on campus, students housed in the hotel are still managing to adapt to the Goucher community, while fostering one of their own.

“All the transfer students are here, so we kind of started our own little side-community,” says Turnbaugh.

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