SGA Update

Samuel Kessler
News Editor

Goucher College Student Assembly met for the first time  on October 13, 2013.
“[Assembly will be a] very committee-oriented structure,” described President Hayim Wolf ’14, in the secretary’s notes. Structurally, Wolf noted that he will be responsible for the agenda of issues discussed in each meeting. Students will be required to submit requests to him by Wednesday or Thursday of the week preceding Assembly, and the Executive Board will approve the agenda he will create based on those requests. Wolf plans to publish the agenda both online and physically, possibly outside of Pearlstone Dining Hall.
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SGA: Update

Missy Ballinghoff

Each Wednesday afternoon the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate meeting is held in Van Meter B10. Different Goucher Community members may come present issues, questions or ideas to the student body as represented in SGA Senate.  Similarly, any student, club, or student organization may attend senate and address issues, questions, or ideas they may have for the student body. The Quindecim will run a regular update of these SGA Senate meetings. The next senate meeting is Wednesday, December 5 at 3:30pm in Van Meter B10.

November 28, 2012:

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SGA Update

Missy Ballinghoff

October 10, 2012:
New Business:
– Academic Policies Committee presented an idea to change the current add/drop period of two weeks to a two-week drop period, and a one-week add period. The current idea being prepared for proposal would shorten the add period to one week, but no longer require signatures of advisers or professors. The drop period would remain a two-week period. A petition process would be available for students who want to add a class after the one week deadline. The new add/drop period proposal is still in the tentative planning stages.
– Alex Crockett ‘14 presented results from a brainstorming session about revising the SGA representative system within senate. Discussion is taking place whether to switch SGA representation over to housing representatives and move away from club representatives, or not.
 Next Week:
-President Sandy Ungar visits to address questions from the senate.
October 17, 2012:
Board Reports:
– Carly Susman, VP for Programming announced the Gala date of December 2, 2012. More information on Gala will be in the next issue of The Q , which comes out November 2nd.
New Business:
– Goucher College President Sanford Ungar  visited to address questions directly  from the SGA senate representatives. The first question addressed diversity on campus specifically asking what President Ungar thinks about Goucher’s diversity, whether it is lacking, and what is a good effort to make Goucher more diverse.
Ungar responded: “We’re very proud of the increase in the diversity in our student body. We use the term multicultural…all of the old terms don’t fit any more because things are more complicated now; within the freshman class the multicultural population is 33%. I don’t personally have a percentage or a number goal when the college is diverse enough, but I feel very good about the progress we’re making.”
The second question addressed big issues Goucher faces in its future.
Ungar responded: “We have an unacceptable number of transports from alcohol that are almost all first year students,” Emily Perl, Associate Dean for Student Engagement interjected, “All the hospital transports [from alcohol] have been first year students.” Ungar continued, “We obviously can’t and don’t seek to control everything everybody does, but drinking to the point of having to be transported to the hospital is a very serious condition and people die. People die every year at colleges from those conditions and we have had a couple of close calls. I believe students can do a lot to influence each other, but at some point if we can’t get any progress we are going to have to ratchet thing up again.”
– Social Justice Committee has $15,000 to spend on your grant proposals! Look for the application on SGA website.
– Senate created an Ad Hoc Committee that Jack Swallow  ‘13 is chairing to address the issues with SGA senate representation.
– A marketing group presented a petition that was denied by Exec Board for $136 to go towards a class advertising project. The petition was approved from $136 towards renting a popcorn machine, apple cider mix and a helium tank.
The next Senate meeting will be held on October 24 at 3:30pm in Van Meter B10. Any student or member of the Goucher Community is welcome to attend.


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