SGA committee rewrites constitution, prepares for student vote

Jessica Gude
Staff Writer

In the last few days of January term, the Student Government Association (SGA) Constitutional Committee met to rewrite the SGA constitution. The group of 13 students was formed last fall after members of the student assembly expressed problems with the constitution. The committee gathered feedback and made major changes to the constitution. The structure of the senate, the class council, election procedures, and the name of the student government have undergone a near-complete transformation. The new form of student government is called Goucher Student Government (GSG).
Complaints about the old constitution and the old student government were wide ranging. Many students felt a lack of communication and connection to government processes. More specifically, students expressed a lack of transparency between students, student government officers, administration, and faculty. For example, Senate positions were only granted to clubs, leaving those students not involved without a voice.
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SGA is moving forward; students’ voices are heard

Jonathan Trauner
Staff Writer

Over the course of the past several weeks, Goucher’s Student Government Association (SGA) has undergone major transformations. First, Hayim Wolf ‘14 and Todd Troester ‘15 reached an agreement that instituted the Goucher Student Assembly, which will allow all students to voice impending SGA concerns and participate in SGA’s constitutional revision.
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Impeachment process stalls as Senate becomes Student Assembly

Samuel Kessler
News Editor

In a sudden reversal, Todd Troester ’15 and his peers who requested the impeachment SGA President Hayim Wolf ’14 withdrew their letter of impeachment  and called

Todd Troester with SGA President Hayim Wolf presenting their new plan for SGA . (Photo: Christopher Riley)

Todd Troester with SGA President Hayim Wolf presenting their new plan for SGA . (Photo: Christopher Riley)

for support of Wolf at the Sunday, September 29 student government meeting.
Rumors that the impeachment process had stalled circulated campus most of the preceding week, but until the meeting of the reformed senate began, it was unclear what conditions led to the change. The confusion heightened when an email reminding the student body of senate announcing that “the meeting will look past the impeachment process.”
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SGA suspends senate, calls for constitutional convention

Jaclyn Peiser

In an email sent to the student body on Tuesday night, the Student Government Association explained their decision to suspend senate meetings until spring semester.
“Senate hasn’t met this semester because of a serious issue with the constitution,” read the email. “The current constitution (modified last spring) requires the election of house representatives at the beginning of the Fall semester. However, this semester we discovered that it was impossible to hold those elections for a number of reasons.”
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Staff responsibilities, jobs shift in wake of changes

Rachel Brustein
Staff Writer

With a new academic year upon us, the Goucher community has both said farewell to and welcomed in several employees. Those leaving include Kia Kuresman, Mary Wahl, Kasey Quinn, Wendy Belzer Litzke, and Norman Zwagil.
Kuresman, who was the director of new student programs, left to work at National Labor College. She will be greatly missed by many students, especially those on Goucher’s orientation committee.
“I was sad that Kia was leaving,” said Lenna Blaser ‘14 Chair of Orientation Committee. “But after hearing about her new job I realized what a great opportunity it was for her and her career.”
No one has been hired to fill the position; instead, her responsibilities have been split up between various members of the Office of Student Engagement (OSE).
Kuresman’s departure was “a big change…but Christine [Kreiger, of OSE] performed better than we could’ve imagined” said Maddie Lasser  ’16, a member of Orientation Committee.
Two members of OSE have been promoted: Emily Perl and Stacy Cooper Patterson. Perl, formerly the associate dean for student engagement, has been promoted to assistant vice president for student life. As part of her new position, Perl works closely with Vice President of the College and Dean of Students Bryan Coker. Together, the two oversee the Division of Student Life, which has seven offices. One of these offices, Multicultural Student Services, is one that Perl is hoping to expand through diversity education, and inclusion.
Perl is still “very committed [to Connections]…and makes sure we [the Peer Facilitators] have what we need for Connections,” said Emily Hewlings ’16, a Connections Peer Facilitator. Perl continues to run the Connections course for first-year students, and is responsible for hiring and training all of the Peer Facilitators.
Stacy Cooper Patterson has been promoted from associate director of OSE for leadership development to director of OSE. In this position, Patterson oversees the planning of late night and weekend events, orientation and new student programs, and works with Lindsay Johnson, associate director of community service. Billy Daly, president of the class of 2016, mentioned that Patterson wants to implement a weekly class presidents’ meeting.
OSE is “a group force, so we come into contact with everyone,” even though there has been a shift in positions and responsibilities among the staff, according to Lasser, who is also a member of Programming Board.
Outside of OSE, Mary Wahl and Kasey Quinn, both former community living coordinators, left to pursue graduate degrees. Timothy Chin is also no longer at Goucher. To replace them, the Office of Community Living has hired two new coordinators, Tony Leva and Brandon Ebenhoeh.  Another new employee, Lindy Bobbitt, is serving as the assistant director of Community Living now that Candance Doane has been promoted to director of Community Living.
Wendy Belzer Litzke, former special assistant to President Sandy Ungar and vice president for government and community relations, left Goucher to become the executive director of the Orphan Society of America, which is located in the Philadelphia area. Litzke worked at Goucher since 2004. Goucher alumnus William O. Lederer ‘12 replaces her as special assistant to the president.
Norman Zwagil, who was the general manager of Bon Appetit at Goucher, left for the same position at Johns Hopkins. Last spring, President Ungar sent an email announcing Zwagil’s departure, which included a kind letter from Zwagil to the Goucher community. As a result, Tom Brown, who had been the operations director of Bon Appetit at Goucher, has been promoted to the new general manager.
Two other employees join the Goucher Family. Andrew Wu is the new assistant dean of students, a position that was vacant last year. The Athletic Department welcomes Ceri Miller as the new head coach of women’s lacrosse.  While there are many changes in administration, these shifts will allow the strong staff and student leadership at Goucher to continue and grow at the college.


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