Heubeck vandalism results in increase of patrol, fines

India Kushner
Staff Writer

As part of an ongoing issue of vandalism, an email was sent out to the residents of Heubeck explaining that they would have to pay for the repair of the exit signs that have been continuously ripped down. Not only has this vandalism been continuous, but, according to Rebecca Dietrich, Director of Public Safety, it has escalated.

Dietrich said that Public Safety officers have increased their patrol of the problem areas and interviewed some of the residents. However, these incidents are part of an on-going investigation. “I just think that people vandalizing where other people live is disrespectful,” Craig Ritchie ’14 said.

Both Public Safety and President Ungar have urged students to utilize the Silent Witness Program when they see defacement occurring.

Dietrich notes that, “the Silent Witness Program is utilized often by students, but with most incidents of vandalism, only a limited number have any knowledge of those responsible.”

Even if students know the perpetrators, they don’t want to be the one to report it or just see it as “harmless fun.” Meanwhile, they don’t realize what sort of safety issues are connected with this damage. In an emergency or power outage, the exit signs could be the only way residents could safely leave the building.

“The majority of students have no involvement or knowledge regarding the campus vandalism,” added Dietrich. “However, it would be beneficial to the entire community if the students, who knew the identity of those responsible, would identify them to public safety, which can be done anonymously through the Silent Witness Program.”

Some students question how Public Safety is handling the issue.

“Why do they keep putting up new ones if they just keep being ripped them down? [They should] put an exit sign somewhere people can’t reach…Maybe they’ll just find a way to rip them down anyway,” Savannah Fisher ’14 said.

Other students, like Joey Fink ’15 expressed his frustration with the lack of students standing up and exposing the students doing the vandalism.

“I’m mad that we have to pay for someone’s stupid actions . . . it was frustrating that Sandy mentioned the Silent Witness Program in his email and if I had seen it, I would have said somethingSilent Witness Program or not.”


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