Frisbee Ends Low in High Tide 2012

Hillary Blunt
Staff Writer

With music blasting and car snacks ready, Goucher’s Ultimate Frisbee teams rolled off campus at 4:30 a.m. the Saturday before spring break for a week-long tournament. Setting off bright and early, 28 Goucher students took the 710-mile trip down to Brunswick, Georgia to partake in High Tide 2012.

Several rookies along with long time veterans accompanied the team this year. Freshmen like Dylan Macdonough and Rebecca Hazany contributed greatly to their respective teams, having come to Goucher with several years of playing in high school under their belts. Captains, Corinne Bennett ’13, Hillary Blunt ’14, Nathan Tegeler ’13, and Noah Robinson ’12, led the teams.

The woman’s team brought an unprecedented nine freshman to Georgia this spring. The relatively young team came ready to play hard and was able to establish good flow throughout the week.

“Georgia is one of the best times for new players to improve since it’s a three day tournament. All of them worked their butts off in the hot, southern weather,” said Bennett, “considering how much each new player and each veteran player improved, the girl’s frisbee team has much promise for future seasons.”

The men’s team on the other hand, was composed of mostly veteran players, with only three rookies. Their rookies stepped up to the plate and played well as a team.

“The guys team really bonded on a whole new level” said Blair Shevlin ’13, president and overall organizer of the club, “we got to spend time with people we normally wouldn’t. I feel like we are all more comfortable with each other, which is important for on field chemistry.”

The two teams, men’s and woman’s, played a combined total of 15 games. The men’s team took home one victory against Wooster B, and played close, hard games with Lowell, Ohio Wesleyan, and Connecticut College.

“They were really close games, we did not get blown out at all. I would not say our performance was disappointing, everyone played really hard and we had a lot of fun,” said Shevlin.

The woman’s team played many tough games, but did not bring in a win this year. Games against Wesleyan, Colgate, and Macalester, were well spirited and demonstrated that the new team has a lot to learn, but all of the players are ready to work and play hard.

Rookie, Emma Trisolini ’15, summed it up, “even though we didn’t win any games, we had so much fun playing and learned so much, and we can and are ready to win in the future.”



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