Letter to the Editors

I write this letter to give another side to the controversy presented about the Academic Center of Excellence (ACE). It is true that all of the support given to me by ACE has not been academic, but that is what makes our academic center stand out. Education has become a tunnel of one learning style.  The article discusses alternative techniques, like energy shields, and how they are an exploitation of the culture they are used from.
I was first introduced to energy shields this semester while

I was on the brink of a classic first year break down. I personally do not see why using alternative techniques by established cultures is wrong. It is clear if any student spends even one moment talking with any member of the ACE team that they have no intention of bringing negative energy into this world. This activity, as well as others like Reiki and Meditation, helped ease my anxiety and therefore made me a more focused student. It is important to note that these alternative methods may not be for everyone, but that does not discredit them. I understand with these alternative techniques the student feels like conventional techniques are being dismissed. I disagree simply because I have structured essays, discussed my major and created time management schedules with ACE. I invite all students who believe the placebo effect has no substance to open their mind to a Reiki session or build an energy shield. It may not resonate with everyone, but I would have to say that conventional methods of learning are not for everyone either and the staff at ACE do a wonderful job at accommodating different learning styles.

Kiera McCarthy
Class of 2015


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