Sneek-A-Peek: Best Friends

Michelle Tirto
Staff Writer

When asked how they first met, Katherine Mowrer ’15 and Gabrielle Spear ’15 burst into laughter. “Gab was Facebook creeping and found me, and she was like ‘Hey, we have a lot of things in common, like Harry Potter, and genocide – I mean, not genocide but like – you know what I mean,” Mowrer says, and Spear jumps in, “But yeah, there was just this long list of things we both liked. I was really creepy about it.” They let the awkward moment seep in, and then they laugh again.

Mowrer and Spear have built up a small room of whimsy and fun amongst the scatological wasteland of Alcock-Froelicher (see Public Safety Blotter, pg. 2). They’ve known each other for less than a year, yet Mowrer and Spear’s words already twist and loop and expand on each other’s, always empathic and supporting. They excitedly point out different corners of the bright and colorful room as cheerful Christmas lights hang above them.

A picture (Photo: Tirto)

It’s hard to believe that the room was once empty. “60% [of their stuff] we brought with us, and the rest just accumulated, like the Princess Diaries and Into the Wild poster, we both ordered,” Mowrer says. Motioning at all the decoration, Spear says, “It came with being more comfortable with each other (“Yeah”, Mowrer adds), yeah, okay, now we’re going to put up a picture of Anne Frank, okay now we’re going to put up a map of Africa…Oh, and the best –” Spear looks back at Mowrer. “Do we reveal our secret?” Mowrer and Spear then both dramatically open their closet doors, and inside are colorful stickers of Toy Story characters and Cat in the Hat. The Disney connection continues with a stuffed lion sitting on Mowrer’s large speaker system – Mufasa on Pride Rock. “We wanted to move from Alcock,” Mowrer says, “But then we realized that we can’t recreate this room, ever.”

They pose together for a picture, immortalizing the Arabic phrases written on different objects, the postcards, the Harry Potter posters, the slowly dying plants. Spear asks, “Did you get the snowflakes? They were actually hanging before.” Mowrer says, “I hung it up with floss, and I did it all when she was sleeping.” Spear has the last word. “It was a winter wonderland.”



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