Athlete Profile: Kyle Boncaro

Emily Keyes
Staff Writer

On Mar. 17th Kyle Boncaro ‘12 became Goucher Men’s Lacrosse’s All-time leader in points scored.  It is a goal he has been aiming for since he began his career on the team, but Boncaro is quick to point out that he focuses on team play just as much as individual accomplishments. His main goal is and has always been “to be a leader,” and to set an example for his teammates. Boncaro views his team as a group of brothers, with no age barrier and equality across all positions. He notes that the team, which has grown from 25 men when he first began at Goucher to 45 this season, has a close relationship and gets along well. Each and every player is committed to the team and the training, participating in summer tournaments and workouts to stay in shape, and making sure to manage their time in-season in order to allow separate time for studies and for sport.

Time management, Boncaro notes, was one of the biggest obstacles he faced upon joining the team his freshman year. Juggling practice, studies, and social life proved difficult at first, but as the years have passed, Boncaro says he has become more adept at handle everything on his plate. A strong family support system has helped Boncaro as well. His grandparents, who live in the area, come to every game, and he can always count on his mother to cheer him on. Boncaro notes that having support is a “huge thing,” and has been extremely helpful throughout his athletic career. Boncaro’s hometown of Geneva in upstate New York placed hockey and lacrosse in high regard, and Boncaro began playing lacrosse in middle school. Attack has always been his preferred position, one that makes sense given his on-field aggression and goal-scoring capabilities. Still, Boncaro is humble about his abilities, noting that all win and accomplishments are team efforts.

Indeed, it is not his own accomplishments that Boncaro is most proud of, but rather the teams’. It is evident upon his noting that Goucher Men are “seventeenth in the nation,” that this is Boncaro is extremely honored to be a part of such a successful team. This success comes not just from the players’ hard work, but also the coach’s. Boncaro explains that coach Kyle Hannan devotes himself to the team, holding film session for the players to analyze field successes and failures, scouting sessions to teach the men which players and techniques to look out for on the opposing team, and motivating the men through two-hour pre-game practices that keep them sharp and focused. These are “huge thing[s],” Boncaro says, that have helped the team make it what it is today. With the coaching staff and the team, Boncaro believes that “our goals are obtainable.”

The next goal that he hopes to achieve is, in fact, a team goal: to win the Landmark Conference Championship. If every lacrosse player possesses the same love and determination for the sport as Boncaro does, there is no doubt that this goal is well within reach.



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