A Message From Your SGA President

Dashell Fittry

It is with pleasure that I welcome back both new and returning students to campus for the 2012-2013 school year, one I hope proves to be full of enlightenment, excitement and growth.

As this year begins, I want each of us to reflect on the mission of this school and its community principles: Respect, Inclusion, Communication, Service and Social Justice, and Responsibility. While everyone should understand what these principles stand for, I would like to reflect on two of these principles.

First, we must respect each other and this beautiful school we are fortunate enough to attend. For the next nine months I would like you each to think of Goucher as your home, and your roommates and neighbors as your family. As I know you would respect your parents and siblings, I expect you to do the same for everyone that attends, works and teaches at Goucher.

I would expect that students respect the property and buildings we reside in. While some in the past have thought it commonplace to party a little too hard on the weekends and make messes of the bathrooms or destroy fixtures in our hallways, the vast majority of us find it to be immature and unbefitting of a Goucher student.

Secondly, do not forget that everyone is responsible for their own actions and that fellow students do not appreciate having to foot the bill for another student’s reckless behavior.

We must remember these principles, each other and our campus in order to maintain our exciting traditions such as GIG and Gala, and ward to off talk of video surveillance.

Two other ideals I would like to touch upon are participation and representation.

The members of the SGA (both members of Senate and the Executive Board, including myself) have been elected to represent you. In this capacity we are here to support you as an individual, your clubs, initiatives, plans, and to assist you with any concerns you may have. I promise to always advocate for the student body before the administration, even when it is difficult. I also promise to personally help any student with problems they may face; and to attend as many club functions, athletic events, voice recitals, and etc. I see the role of SGA President as being as hands-on and involved with the student body as possible.

I also want to see fellow students supporting each other. Just like the recent 90’s dance, I want to see events filled to capacity, club meetings boisterous and fun, and stadium seats filled with screaming students cheering on Goucher athletes.

This is my supreme goal for the year: to get campus once again active and involved.

If we make claims to being a “community” then I expect to see respect, inclusion, and participation from every student and I expect the student body to hold the Executive Board and myself to the same high standards. With these ideas in mind, I believe that this year promises to be one of the best Goucher has seen. I wish each and every one of you a successful and fun 2012-2013 school year!



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