New Theatre Professor Takes the Stage

Devin Blalsdell Bestor

The Goucher community welcomes new professor Alvin Eng to the theatre department faculty this fall. Eng, a native New Yorker, received his MFA in playwriting and song lyric writing from NYU/Tisch. In 2011, he served as artist-in-residence at Hong Kong City University, and is currently writing a series of historical dramas, which he calls Portrait Plays.

New Theatre Department Professor, Alvin Eng. (Photo: Rachel Brustein).

“I found a great synopsis of The Adding Machine by a Goucher student…that was the first time I’d heard of [the school]” Eng said. While working with a Johns Hopkins professor on a play in Paris, Eng was told that “Goucher gets it in terms of the arts.” Both of these instances factored into Eng’s decision to come work here.
“I am teaching Playwriting, Intro to Theatre, and my third class is Directing the Play,” says Eng on his first semester here. He is currently directing a drama, The Woodsman, by Steven Fechter, which will be preformed at the end of October. When asked what type of plays he enjoys to direct, Eng responded, “plays that help us question the human condition.”
In the future, he would like to direct John Logan’s Red, which won the Tony Award for Best Play in 2010 and Six Degrees of Separation by John Guare. Eng also expressed his interest to grow the playwriting program at Goucher into an equal colleague to the strong directing and acting programs.
Eng’s passion for theater is derived from the duality of its nature, wherein the “solitude of creation [playwriting] and joy of collaboration [directing]” are married together. Drawing from his musical background, Eng explained that he finds “a playwright is like a songwriter, because the work can be recreated in many different styles.”
Learn more about Professor Eng by visiting his website,



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