SGA: Senate Update

Missy Ballinghoff

Each Wednesday afternoon the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate meeting is held in Van Meter B10 as a gathering of representatives from every club, student organization, and student body representatives at large. Different Goucher Community members may come present issues, questions or ideas to the student body as represented in SGA Senate.  Similarly, any student, club, or student organization may attend senate and address issues, questions, or ideas they may have for the student body. The Quindecim will run a regular update of these SGA Senate meetings with what was addressed at the previous meetings and what will be addressed at the upcoming meetings. The next senate meeting is Wednesday, September 26 at 3:30pm in Van Meter B10.

September 12, 2012:
New Business:
-New Deal Committee granted $10,000 from SGA general fund for the fall semester and roll over into spring semester as needed. The vote was approved with 29 yes, eight no, and five abstained.
-New attendance policy requiring all clubs to send a representative to senate each week. If a club has more than three missed senate meetings over the year their account and funds from SGA will be frozen.
-The New Student Travel Policy and Event Fee Policy were both tentatively presented and further discussion of those policies is pending the meeting on Sept. 19.
-Event planning walk-in hours for clubs and students are from 12pm-1pm every day in the Office of Student Engagement.
Next Week:
-Discussion of the New Student Travel Policy and Event Fee Policy with Emily Pearl and Goucher Legal Department.

September 19, 2012:
Old Business:
– Elections of New Deal Committee Chair: Jeff Bessen  and Parliamentarian: Jack Swallow.
– SGA Senate Attendance policy for clubs: Every club must sent their appointed SGA club representative to the weekly SGA senate meetings. A club is allowed no more than two missed senate meetings per semester. If a club misses three senate meetings in a semester their account will be frozen and the SGA secretary and VP of Clubs will review the club.
– All clubs who want to be active and funded by SGA this year need to re-register their club, even if previously chartered.
– For details on the New Student Travel Policy and Event Fee Policy read the full news story in the next issue of The Q on October 5.
New Business:
– Treasurer’s Report: Current funds in the SGA general fund (as of Sept. 19) $7,779.12 for the remainder of the fall semester club funding.
-SGA launched Facebook page  with raffle prize for ‘liking’ the page.

Next Week:
-Further discussion of SGA senate attendance policy.

The next senate meeting will be held on September 26 at 3:30pm in Van Meter B10. Any student or member of the Goucher Community is welcome to attend.



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