President Ungar Announces Edmonds Resignation

Jaclyn Peiser
News Editor

On Oct. 2, Goucher President Sanford Ungar sent an email to students, faculty and staff informing them of Vice President and Dean of Students Gail Edmonds’ decision to resign this January.

According to President Ungar’s email, Edmonds, who has been at Goucher since 1998 and has been in her current position for over eleven full years, wants to “pursue opportunities in teaching.”

“I want the students to know what a privilege it has been for me to serve them,” said Edmonds. “Only being a parent and watching my children grow and develop has given me greater satisfaction. I will always treasure my time here at Goucher because of the students.”

A search for Edmond’s replacement has begun and is headed by Executive Vice President  and General Counsel Laurie Burton-Graham and Becki Kurdle, former Chair of the Board of Trustees.



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