TED Talks Club: An Idea Worth Spreading

Hallie Yarmus
Staff Writer

“The aim is to get discussions going and to get people thinking about things differently, to expand perspectives,” says Billy Daley ’16, who recently began the process of chartering Goucher’s TED Talks Club. “TED Talks aren’t just about discussing the problems our world is dealing with. They are about looking at potential solutions.”
TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) it is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a forum for the discussion and spread of ideas. At TED, speakers are invited to give the presentation of their lives in under 18 minutes. Their ultimate goal is to get people discussing the ideas presented. (“Ideas Worth Spreading” is, after all, TED’s motto.)
And Daley has decided to bring the discussion to Goucher.
His first chance came this past Sunday, when seven enthusiastic idea-spreaders gathered for the first “unofficial” meeting of the TED Talks Club (though it may soon undergo a name change to the Questions the Answers Club).
Julie Hubschman ’16 is the club treasurer, and she believes that a club like TED Talks is a necessity in a college atmosphere. “It allows us to develop as people in the real world,” she says, “in addition to growing as students in an academic environment. The club gives students at Goucher another input of inspiration. And also gives us a place to discuss these issues.”
Jonathan Trauner ’16, the groups SGA representative agreed: “The speakers from the TED videos are really inspiring. I hope we can get someone to come talk and have a real TED Talk here on campus.”
Aside from hosting a TED speaker of their own, the group has other long-term plans. Eventually, Daley said he “hopes to incorporate the Roosevelt Institute” into the club. An organization made up of a network of colleges where students develop and write policies and submit them to the government for review, Roosevelt seems to fit together nicely with the intentions of the TED Talks Club.
More immediately, the group is planning on sponsoring an unofficial viewing of “The Rumble,” a debate between Bill O’Reilly and John Stewart, on the Saturday of Family weekend—October 6th at 8 P.M.—in the library. Though the group plans on using TED videos as the basis of their discussions, they are also open to any video, like “The Rumble,” that might spark discussion.
The speakers at these TED Talks are pioneers in their various fields; they expand our horizons and pull in more knowledge. The club believes that t times like these, when our nation is floundering, hope and education are what we are lacking. They’re also what we need here at Goucher and across the globe.
And, the TED Talks Club is working to fill that absence. Hubschman sums up this sentiment perfectly,  “It’s important to the college, because it allows us to develop as people, in the real world, in addition to growing as students in an academic environment. This club will give students at Goucher another input of inspiration. It’ll also give us a place to discuss these issues.”



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