What to Expect If Romney Wins the Presidential Election

Max S. Haberman
Staff Writer

What would Republicans do differently if elected in November?  Really, nothing.
They would want to renew the Bush tax cuts—that is, cutting taxes for the wealthiest of Americans.

This right off the bat doesn’t make sense, since businesses will hire based on their current needs for work, not on how much money they have.  According to PolitiFact, corporations are sitting on nearly $2 trillion, and while some of that is being used for general upkeep, the rest of it does not seem to be invested in as much as we’d like.

In the unfortunate world of stocks and dividends, a company works to ensure that they look the best, which does not involve investing, since that cuts profits in the short term.  Since there is no market for anything when employment is low, there is little point in investing.

Why start a business if no one can afford your products, and why hire more workers if you’re just going to end up producing more than what consumers want?

To afford new products, consumers need jobs, and to get a job, there has to be the demand for new products.  It is an endless cycle.

We could try spending more than we need, but spending money like that is what got us into this mess in the first place.  We have to look to the other side, start hiring.

Recently, there was a bill in Congress that would have helped Veterans get jobs.  If someone has a job, they are able to afford “luxuries” such as a good home, decent food, and maybe a coffee maker.  They could even get internet, a television, and time for a hobby.

If spending more in these markets were to increase, there would be more of a need to hire, so there would be more jobs available, and a wonderful new cycle would commence.

Despite its potential, the bill was voted down.  The argument was that the spending of the bill,  at $1 billion over five years, was far too much.

That amount is less than 0.1% the cost of Obama’s policies during his term, and about 0.0143% of Bush’s.

To be fair, Bush was in office twice as long as Obama, so in an absolute comparison, the Veteran’s bill is 0.0286% of Bush’s spending.  That is less than three-thousandths the spending.

Yes, this bill will cost money, but a comparatively miniscule amount.  It seems that most Republicans in Congress want to create new jobs, but not spend any money while doing so.  It seems as if the means to achieve their goal would be to hire people, but not to pay them anything.

I guess that once a soldier gives years of their lives, fights for our nation, and experiences the calamities of war, they are worth nothing to us, and can live, jobless,  on the streets.
The very definition of conservatism is the belief in keeping everything the same, or better yet, to return to a simpler time.

They do not want change; they just want to go back to the days of the Gilded Age: an apparently more glorious time where most Americans were out of work half the year, unable to afford decent food and shelter, and were dominated by tycoons whose only concern was how they could squeeze more money out of them.

Conservatives want to deregulate and repeal even the weakest of laws, such as the Affordable Health Care Act, since being healthy is apparently a privilege, not a right.
The right to afford the basics, under Conservative rule, is a privilege given only to the millionaire and billionaire few.



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