Ah-mused:“Indian Lunch Buffet.”

Allison Panetta
Staff Writer

Hillary Blunt
Staff Writer

Everyone has that one thing that gets them through a tough week. Some people look forward to a wild weekend filled with parties and drinking, others go shopping, and some people just love naps. For us, we find our motivation to get us through each week with the comfort that ILB will always be there for us.

What is ILB you ask? Only the most delicious food on the planet (or at least the Towson Circle)! ILB stands for Indian lunch buffet, which is served every day at Kathmandu Kitchen.  Kathmandu Kitchen has a beautiful ambiance, with soothing orange walls and a mirror that is either delightfully crooked or awkwardly shaped.

We know that no matter how horrible or stressful our weeks may be, we can always go to ILB and eat endless naan, chicken tikka masala, and aloo gobi until we forget all that is wrong with the world.  Aloo gobi, or potatoes and cauliflower, provides a special amount of comfort at the end, or in the middle, of a crazy week.  Allison’s personal favorite, cabbage carrot, is good no matter how she feels.

Each week at ILB is a new experience because there is always a different group of people. There have been weeks where we’ve gone with 10 people and other weeks when there have only been four.

ILB brings together friends new and old, Goucher grads and undergrads, eating together for the same goal, to get their priorities straight.

Connecting the generations, ILB began for Hillary her freshman year.  Regulars now come from all different places in the Goucher experience:  sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduates, people who live on campus, people who live off campus. Even Steven Ramina, who is rarely seen outside of his classes, comes to enjoy a break from his usual diet of chicken fingers and carrots.

Also, it costs less than Huebeck, so that’s a plus for our friends who live off-campus.

The wait staff at Kathmandu Kitchen is amazing. They are always ready to refill our glasses with cold water and provide therapy though food and friendly smiles.  They even remember who we are! Hopefully, that isn’t a bad thing, considering we don’t always tip well.

Even when we’re not having a rough week, we know that we have to get our priorities straight and go to ILB.  Nothing comes before ILB.  Even if you have a paper to write or a test to study for, you have to put ILB first.  Indian lunch buffet is there to protect you.  It’s our safe spot, away from all the troubles that may haunt us at Goucher.  Despite what others may say, there is no Indian lunch buffet that can compare.



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