Intramural Frisbee Update

Hallie Yarmus
Staff Writer

This fall Goucher College began its first season of Intramural Ultimate Frisbee, initiated by Oliver Wilkinson ’13. He stated that he “started the Frisbee Intramural since he knew many people who could not commit to the Ultimate Frisbee Club.”

The Ultimate Frisbee Club is an intercollegiate club that meets three times a week for practices and often attends tournaments on the weekend. Intramural games are at Beldon field every Wednesday night at 9:15 P.M. The games begin at 9:30 and end at 10:45 P.M. The intramural league currently has six teams: Blood Sweat and Beers, CORN, Moon Unit, Multiple Scorgasms, Wanna Huck?, and Wet Wednesday Warriors. At press time, Blood Sweat and Beers was in the lead with a total of three wins and 35 points. CORN was a close second with 3 wins and 29 points. Wet Wednesday Warriors were in third with one win and 24 points total.  Moon Unit was in fourth with one win and 14 points total. Wanna Huck? was in fifth with 23 points total. Multiple Scorgasms was currently in sixth place with no wins and 15 points total.

The league has had three games already and there are only two more games before play-offs begin -enough time for team standings to switch up. The competition is “friendly”and the focus is to “provide a good break from studying and an environment that is a lot of fun and a little less serious than the Ultimate Frisbee Club,”  states Wilkinson. Zoe Smuckler ’13, a member of Multiple Scorgasms, agrees that the intramurals are a “great stress relief.”   The intramurals  are also open to people who are new to the sport; some of the people who joined this fall had “no previous experience.”  Anyone can just “jump right in and pick up the sport as they go,” stated Wilkinson.

Intramural Frisbee is a time to goof off and just have fun. The team Multiple Scorgasms has fully embraced this; they make ‘fake orgasm noises” after a good play. Addie Maxwell ’13, captain of Wanna Huck?, a co-captain of the varsity tennis team, and the Opinion editor for The Quindecim, is enjoying her Intramural frisbee season. As she puts it, “My two worlds at Goucher are Ultimate Frisbee and tennis.  With intramurals I get to merge those two.  My team is full of tennis players, so I love getting to share the frisbee part of my life with them, and they are all so good!”

Wilkinson hopes that future seasons will bring more people and new teams. With such a fun and easy-going atmosphere, its popularity on campus will only continue to increase.



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