Athlete Profile: Richter Twins

Sarah Pardus
Chief Copy Editor

The Goucher men’s swim team has had a strong recruiting year, with a number of promising freshmen, almost doubling the size of the team compared to last season. Texan twins Morgan and Colin Richter ‘16, two of the team’s top recruits, are settling in quite nicely with the rest of their class as well as the entire team.

Varsity swimming twins Morgan Richter and Colin Richter. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

The twins take their swimming seriously. It even helped them make the decision to live together. Morgan claims, “the reason we did it was not necessarily because we want to be around each other all the time, but because we weren’t sure if we would get someone who stays up late and messes up our swim schedule or someone who doesn’t understand that we have a swim meet the next day so we need to go to bed early.” Although they haven’t shared a room with each other since they were about 12 or 14 years old (it depends on who you ask), they spent the last two years of high school together almost 24/7. They would wake up, go to swimming together, go to school together, take classes together, go to swimming again together, eat together, do homework together, and then go to bed. Overall, it was this time together that made sharing a room in college easier to handle.

They live in a hallway with the other freshmen boys on the team, and they note that they all feel like a family. According to Morgan, when they’re getting ready to go to practice, they “go down the hallway and beat on all the doors.” They do the same thing when they’re getting ready to go to intramural soccer where they have their own team- Swimcest. They wear nothing but speedos and headbands to the games, no doubt stunning their opponents.

Both Morgan and Colin attributed this strong camaraderie to Charlie, their captain. When asked about their swimming background, they described a very different experience than most. They practiced five days a week from 6:30-8:30 in the morning, and again in the afternoon three days a week. Growing up with a mother who was a competitive swimmer as a child, they were thrown into the sport at a very young age. They began swimming with their coach at just seven years old, and he became “another father figure” according to Colin, “so it was nice getting up and seeing him every morning and have him push us because he had our best interests at heart.” He went on to say that Coach Till is one of the main reasons they chose Goucher, because “like Jim, [he] seems like he wants to build you more as a person before he builds you as an athlete.”

It is clear that they are very close as a result of their swimming talent, because when they were growing up, they agreed that they didn’t have other people that were fast enough to drive them, so they began using each other to help improve their swimming. When asked if they ever compete against each other, they both immediately said no. Morgan even asked Coach Till to never put them in a race together “’cause while in practice we’ll push each other and it’s a fun game, if we’re put in the same race in meets it’s not pretty.”

“We balance each other well,” Colin said of their racing strategies, which are different for each boy. Colin, the more serious of the two at meets, tends to over-think his races, whereas Morgan likes to be joyful and jump around. In high school, his mom made him a bumblebee outfit to wear to all of the meets because their mascot was the yellow jackets, and he bought a gopher outfit to wear to all of the meets here at Goucher. Not only does it keep the mood light, Morgan uses the costumes to loosen Colin up so that when he dives in, he’s relaxed and ready to go. As for his own races, when he goes up to the blocks, Morgan is still joking around but makes sure to give himself thirty seconds prior to diving in to focus on the race “[becauses] you have to be a little serious before you dive in.”

Colin noted that in high school, they had a team chant that would motivate them before relays, but it’s the power of being a twin that really helps him. “Morgan and I would give each other words of wisdom or compliments and ask each other to kick their ass or something of that sort and it’s really nice cause when I jump in for my 200IM, I always know Morgan’s on the opposite side of the pool cheering me on. That’s what makes being a twin so amazing. We have each other’s best interests at heart.” Both Morgan and Colin believe that many records are going to fall this year, especially the relays, because they have such a talented team. With that attitude and such a strong incoming class, the potential for the Goucher Men’s Swim Team is limitless.



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