Gala to be Held in December, Added Security at The Sheraton

Missy Ballinghoff

Programming Board announced three weeks ago that Gala will be held on Sunday Dec. 2. This is the first time the event will be in the Fall semester.
The structural change splits the two largest events offered by Programming Board: Gala and GIG, to both spring and fall semesters. According to an email sent to students from the

Vice President of Programming Board last spring, the events that took place during last year’s Gala would affect various changes that must be made to make Gala possible again.

Gala is on December 2; the first time it’s been in the Fall semester. (Graphic courtesy of Office of Student Engagement).

“We really reexamined our programming structure and it frankly just didn’t make sense to have the two biggest programming board events not only in the same month, but sometimes in the same week,” Christine Krieger, Assistant Director for Programming said. “It made more sense to spread them out, and as we were talking about spreading them out, it also made more sense to do one each semester.”

Splitting GIG and Gala between semesters prevents students who go abroad in the spring from missing both events. Additionally, the change allows the Programming Board to, “really focus on each event and make them the best they can be,” said Krieger. Moving Gala has also cut back on event conflicts that usually occurred in the spring with athletic events, and the spring dance recital.

This year Gala will be held at The Sheraton Baltimore North, which is right next to campus. Students will need to check in at Dorsey Center and take the provided ride over to The Sheraton in order to get into Gala.

“My idea for the event was to do something that was very interactive with the student body as well as the community,” said Lenna Blaser ’14, Chair of the Gala Committee. “We are going to have faculty, staff and some senior staff members there so it will be more of a community centered event.”

A select number of tickets have been set aside for faculty, staff and senior staff members who have been invited to attend Gala.

Tickets go on sale November 5 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. for seniors, Nov. 6 for juniors, Nov. 7 for sophomores, Nov. 8 for first-years, and Nov. 9 for everyone. Tickets will be $30 this year, which is a five-dollar increase from last year due to the cost of the necessary presence of a private security force.

“We are required to have outside security because of student behavior last year, so we decided that the only fair thing to do, rather than to cut parts of the event, was to pass that cost onto students,” Krieger explained.

According to the email sent out from last year’s VP of Programming Board, “some students decided to act disrespectfully to both themselves and others. Because of these actions, we are not invited back to Martin’s Hunt Valley unless we hire Baltimore police.” The majority of the students who attended Gala last year did not act inappropriately, or behave in any manor that lead to disciplinary action.

The loose theme for Gala this year has not yet been announced, but the hint, “bring your sweet tooth,” has been released along with the idea of Gala being interactive. Blaser discussed the idea of a variety show with the events, music and food.

“We are really trying to cater to all the different kinds of Goucher students because we know that not everyone is the same, and that’s what makes Goucher a wonderful place to be,” she said.

The food will be Italian-themed with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options, along with two chocolate fountains with various dipping options. There will be raffles and giveaways during the night and Programming Board is trying to get an interactive photo booth.

“I’m excited for it to be different from years past,” said Carly Susman ’13 VP of Programming Board.  “I’m not so enthused about school formals, but I feel like this will be a good one considering the variety of things. The positive changes will build more community and hopefully it will carry on into GIG,”

Moving Gala to the fall and inviting faculty, staff, and senior staff members are the major changes that have been made by Programming Board in hopes to unite the Goucher community at Gala this year. According to Blaser, there will be a lot of little changes and surprises awaiting the students who attend Gala starting with the classy transportation there down to the prizes given away by the DJ.

“We’re making a new Goucher tradition, which is really exciting,” she explained.



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