Pres. Ungar Addresses Alcohol Abuse on Campus

Sabrina Sarro
Staff Writer

President Sanford  Ungar addressed alocohol use on campus in an email sent to the Goucher community on Oct. 12. The amount of hospital transports due to alcohol abuse, he says, “deserves serious and immediate attention.”

Recent alcohol violations and hospital transports prompted President Sandford Ungar to send an email to the Goucher community encouraging students to consider their safety and the community principles. (Photo: Christopher Riley).

“It’s happening all over again, like some sort of deja vu,” Ungar said. “From time to time, we must confront this issue.”
Although college drinking is a universal problem, President Ungar and multiple families agree that choosing to accept this problem will only consent to more rides to the hospital. Ungar said that families have expressed that Goucher is not being strict enough and should enforce stronger consequences to those who abuse alcohol.

Although President Ungar noted that situations have improved since the email and that the alcohol issues were not as bad as last semester, he is still emotionally concerned for the campus, especially the freshman class. President Ungar worries that when students are highly intoxicated, they  vandalize.

Ungar doesn’t want to prevent college students from enjoying themselves; he just wants them to be aware of the consequences of alcohol. “We don’t want to repress anyone, we just want them to be safe,” he says.

As the ratio shows, Goucher is majority female; however, Ungar finds it interesting that most of the transports were women. A woman was also caught vandalizing on security cameras, and subsequently admitted to the crime.

One issue that concerns Ungar is that the transition from high school to college can be especially unnerving, considering various changes and adjustments. A majority of students come to college thinking that the only way to truly “fit in” or assimilate is by drinking with peers. President Ungar wants to show people that a majority of the students on campus enjoy themselves without the consumption of alcohol.

For the future, Ungar wants to stress the importance of being both emotionally and physically healthy. The administration isn’t changing the sanctions, but is looking into providing an open-talk panel of people who have been transported to the hospital. Ungar wants to encourage students to step outside their comfort zone and publicly talk about their alcohol-related experiences.

Ungar sees this as an innovative way for the Goucher community to come together and talk about an issue that affects everyone on campus. He believes that an integral part of the solution is to practice conscience thinking. He wants students to educate themselves about the effects of alcohol and how, although everyone makes mistakes, there are several methods one can take to avoid being publicly humiliated and going to the hospital.



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