Women’s Soccer Ties Record For Winningest Season

Sarah Pardus
Chief Copy Editor

For the first time since 1994, Goucher Women’s Soccer ended their season on Sat. Oct. 27 with 12 wins.
It is no secret that the team has done something no other women’s soccer team has done at Goucher as of yet. They have left 12 teams scoreless and had seven consecutive wins at the beginning of this season, until falling to Scranton in their first conference game.

Members of the Women’s Soccer Team celebrate a goal. (Photo: Goucher Women’s Soccer Facebook)

Assistant coach Katie Robinson noted, “Conference games are big games filled with a great deal of pressure. With such a young team, we struggled to play our best soccer in those games.”

She credits a lot of success to the defensive lines, and the milestones they have accomplished this season are no small achievement. No more than two goals were let in in any non-conference game, which shows just how strong the team’s defense is.

The loss of the last conference game of the season against Moravian was devastating to the team, but they’re using it as a way to look ahead to next year. The first half of the game showed how much they are capable of, and Robinson attributed the loss in the second half to the immense pressure on winning. The coaching staff, led by Tatiana Korba, asked the girls to embrace that pressure in the last two games of the season to feel what “could be” in preparation for next year.

The overall goal for the program is to make it to the NCAA tournament. Robinson believes that strong recruiting to find players with the potential for success combined with the team’s strong returning players will allow the girls to accomplish their goal.
The addition of the freshmen this year helped make the team what it was this year. However, “losing big personalities and strong players in Kitty McIlroy ‘13, Sarah Eaby ‘13, and Shay Kettner ‘13 will certainly be tough, but we are confident in the leadership and ability of our returners.”

When asked what made them so successful this year, Robinson said that the coaching staff, “really asks the girls to commit to something bigger than themselves.” They put a lot of emphasis on fitness during the off-season, and she said that the team “really took it to heart and got after it.” In addition to physical fitness, the team also had great chemistry, which allowed them to push harder and further in their training and preparation for games. Overall, this season was arguably one of the best in Goucher’s history. With such a young team, there is no doubt that next season will be even stronger, pushing them one step closer to achieving their goal of making NCAA playoffs.



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