Goucher Dance

By Rachel Brustein
Staff Writer

The Goucher Repertory Dance Ensemble concert was an impressive collection of work ranging from modern to pointe. The concert featured vibrant costumes designed by both faculty and guest artists, and each piece had a distinct mood to it.  Goucher students made up both the cast and crew of the show. The choreography was done by faculty members, Linda Garofalo and Kathi Ferguson, and visiting choreographers, Melissa Barak and Doug Elkins.

Barak, who has previously worked with the New York City Ballet, says that she loves “the work ethic of college students,” along with their “eagerness and excitement.” She noted that college students are “people who want to absorb what you have to say.” Garofalo likes when guest choreographers work with students because it allows the students to “step up to the demand of guest artists.” For students who are interested in pursuing dance performance, the guest artists prepare them for “life beyond Goucher,” says Elizabeth Ahearn, chair of the dance department.

Gillian Bowen ‘16, a dancer, “thought it would be a good experience to get up there…didn’t expect to get in…just wanted an audition.” She loved working with the guest artists and said that it is wonderful to see “how a piece develops from an idea.” Ellen Bast ’14, another dancer, said that “performance skills are really important as a dancer…it’s also a lot of fun.” The visiting choreographers “bring the real world to Goucher” for Bast.

The work of the Goucher dancers, faculty, and guests paid off in this beautiful performance.



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