Pillow Pets Drive: Education Club Hopes to Help Children in Need

Christopher Riley
Photo and Multimedia Editor
The Education club, Chalkboard, is a small but big-hearted club on campus that has taken on a worthy service project this holiday season.  Led by students, Allisyn Grantham ‘14 and Melissa Grow ‘14, the club has set a goal of collecting 100 Pillow Pets by December 7th for children who are critically ill and will be hospitalized through the holiday season. The Pillow Pet drive is to support the Touching Lives with Comfort Foundation (TLC).

The Pillow Pets will be given to critically ill children who are hospitalized this holiday season. (Photo: Dr. Mary Adkins).

The Pillow Pets will be given to critically ill children who are hospitalized this holiday season. (Photo: Dr. Mary Adkins).

TLC aims to provide comfort to critically ill children and their families in the Baltimore area. Dr. Mary Adkins, Chalkboard’s faculty supervisor said, “For children who are critically ill and spend weeks and even months in the hospital, being away from their friends and families can be very difficult. A small gesture such as a Pillow Pet can provide comfort to a young child. My daughter’s best friend was recently diagnosed with leukemia and was the recipient of a Pillow Pet during her stay at Johns Hopkins. Her smile upon receiving her pink and purple unicorn Pillow Pet could have lit up the room.”

You might be wondering what you can do to help out. After speaking with Dr. Adkins she had this to say: “Visit your local Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Toys R’ Us, or Kohls, and purchase one of these adorable and cuddly Pillow Pets. The cost of one Pillow Pet is equivalent to a night at the movies with your friends. By giving up one night out, you can provide a seriously ill child with a sense of comfort.” If you cannot make it out to purchase a Pillow Pet at a local retailer the club is also accepting monetary donations that will be used to purchase Pillow Pets.

Chalkboard has set up ten festive boxes all over campus for you to leave your Pillow Pet donations. These brightly wrapped boxes can be found in Dorsey Center, the Sports and Recreation Center (SRC), Heubeck, Stimson, The Athenaeum lobby, Rosenberg Gallery, Pearlstone and on the ground level of the Education Department in Van Meter. One hundred percent of your donations to Chalkboard through December 7th will go to the purchase of Pillow Pets. Get your holiday season started off right and make a donation today! Providing a soft and snuggly comfort item goes a long way in brightening the day of a child faced with unimaginable challenges.



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