SGA: Update

Missy Ballinghoff

Each Wednesday afternoon the Student Government Association (SGA) Senate meeting is held in Van Meter B10. Different Goucher Community members may come present issues, questions or ideas to the student body as represented in SGA Senate.  Similarly, any student, club, or student organization may attend senate and address issues, questions, or ideas they may have for the student body. The Quindecim will run a regular update of these SGA Senate meetings. The next senate meeting is Wednesday, December 5 at 3:30pm in Van Meter B10.

November 28, 2012:

New Business:

– Jack Swallow, SGA Parliamentarian presented two constitutional amendments. The first was an amendment to the Electoral Commissions. Creating a new Electoral Commissions Committee the amendment was approved with a 35-0-1 vote.

The second amendment was a housing representation amendment that will change SGA senate representation to hold 24 new house senator seats that are determined according to on-campus housing and commuter students. This amendment was approved with a 26-3-8 vote.

– Barbara Stob, Assistant General Counsel and Rebecca Dietrich, Director of Public Safety presented the safety liability of students, and other Goucher community members who remain in buildings during fire alarms to the SGA senate for feedback. After explaining that many students don’t leave their rooms and buildings during alarms, Stob and Dietrich asked how to make students leave their buildings.

After discussing the possibility of fines or further punishment to force students to assume personal responsibility for their own safety, it was concluded that Public Safety will begin keying into every room in a building once an alarm goes off to find misbehaving students.

Along with students remaining in their rooms during alarms, many students re-enter the building before it has been cleared and okayed for re-entry by Public Safety. There was no conclusion or discussion for punishment of this action.

– Hayim Wolf, SGA Secretary presented a Constitutional Amendment that will change the process of nomination for student representation on committees. As the constitution states now, the SGA President nominates students for vacant committee positions, but with the amendment proposed by Wolf, anyone will be able to make a nomination or apply, and the entire SGA Executive Board will make suggestions to President Ungar. This amendment was approved with a 28-0-2 vote.

Remarks From The Floor:

– Saul Priever was appointed to a vacant at large representative seat.

Next Week:

– Next week’s SGA Senate session will be the last senate session for the 2012 Fall semester.

– Sara Peyser and Eric Sargent will be presenting on behalf of the Green Fund.

– Gail Edmonds, Vice President and Dean of Students might be a guest speaker.

The next Senate meeting will be held on December 5 at 3:30pm in Van Meter B10. Any student or member of the Goucher Community is welcome to attend.



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