AH-mused: In this edition: Winter Break.

Allison Panetta
Staff Writer

Hillary Blunt
Staff Writer

Winter is an excellent time to be productive. Many students have internships or work to earn money. Through these experiences, our peers gained money to afford activities and learned excellent skills to help them for when they enter the “real world.”

We were not amongst this lucky group. No, we were part of a much better group: a group of unemployed who used their six weeks of free time as inspiration to watch super hero movies as well as almost all of Sailor Moon and several seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In many ways as you get older, winter break gets better and worse. As freshmen, it’s nice to go home and see all your familiar friends, as juniors and seniors it’s interesting to see how everyone has changed or not changed over the past couple of years.

Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, all of your friends have moved away, but it’s especially fun when you’re friends come of age, and you can finally start drinking together in public in bars.

Let’s be real. Goucher’s break is way too long. We spent the first and last week doing absolutely nothing because there was nobody around.  The ones in the middle contained far too many hours spent watching Disney movie marathons with friends from the days when you were too cool for Disney.

Fortunately, several movies came out over break to keep us entertained, most notably, of course, Les Misérables.  Both of us had the pleasure of enjoying Anne Hathaway’s death and the ever tear jerking moment between Gavroche and Javert multiple times.  

Needless to say, this break involved a lot more crying than normal.  

Additionally, realizing that we would have to wait for two more movies for the Hobbit to be completed was equally depressing.

There were some parts that weren’t so sad, and these were not the Holidays.  Hillary actually cried on Christmas Eve.  New Years Eve was spent sober with few friends and a grumpy ex-boyfriend.  

Allison though, did have a small amount of enjoyment on Christmas, because her family was surprisingly well behaved.  

It was these experiences in particular that helped us grow to appreciate all of the great friendships we have made at Goucher.

Coming back from winter break was truly a treat.  It was great to see familiar faces, and zero grumpy ex-boyfriends.  

The best times over break were actually spent with fellow Goucher students from our area, so it was exciting to be reunited and back on the home turf.  

It feels like everybody who was gone on ICAs were actually away for a semester, but that was because we received no Facebook pokes for three weeks (foreshadowing of our next article: “To Poke or Not To Poke”).  

Regardless, it was nice to see everybody home in America and in the beautiful city of Baltimore again.



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