Review: Sliver Linings Playbook

Emily Keyes
Sports Editor

The Silver Linings Playbook looked stupid. Its first round of promotional commercials made it seem like yet another feel-good

(Photo: Google Images).

(Photo: Google Images).

“comedy of the year” movie that eventually ends up mixed in with TBS’ tireless round of rom coms and dramadies, the ones we have seen a thousand times but still find ourselves watching on lazy Sundays. Nothing about it stuck out, other than the main actress, Jessica Lawrence, who I have found to be both witty and inappropriate (a dynamite combination). Plus, it was about football, and anyone who knows me knows I do not like, watch, or understand anything about that sport. But, somehow I still found myself in the theatre on a gloomy Wednesday for a double feature of it and Les Miserables. After a harrowing three hours spent watching the drama of the French Revolution as portrayed by Russell Crowe’s sing-talking, I sat down to watch what I was sure was going to be a “meh” movie, something you tolerate, that might give you a few laughs, but is nothing special or extraordinary. I was wrong. This movie is hilarious, touching, and best of all, it has a unique plot. Elements of insanity and family are mixed together perfectly to create a truly pleasurable film. It is a movie that actually does have something for everyone. There is football, dancing, grief, many near-arrests, a few mental breakdowns, and a love story discreetly woven in. Bradley Cooper does a fantastic job of playing a bipolar man in his mid-30s, and Jessica Lawrence couldn’t be more perfect for the role of a sassy twenty-something dancer trying to cope with life after losing her husband. The music is spot-on, as is the casting of Robert DeNiro as an OCD, gambling father and Jackie Weaver as his supportive but anxious housewife, a woman trying to fix her family’s problems with “crabby snacks and homemades.” It is a movie that is absolutely worth the price of admission.




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