AH-mused: In This Edition: Poking.

Allison Panetta
Staff Writer

Hillary Blunt
Staff Writer

Poking on facebook has been over for years, right?


For us it is on the rise. Thanks to a spike in boredom and unproductivity over break (and finals), poking is making a comeback.  

Its original reemergence into our social sphere began about halfway through last semester, when Hillary rediscovered the brilliance and poked.  Since then, the phenomenon has grown and is in the process of making a full scale comeback, even creating new friendships.

After the first poke, Hillary was drawn to do more.  She was compelled to poke and poke and poke.  Friends at Goucher, friends from home, friends from summer camp, and even grumpy ex-boyfriends, all were poked.  Some even began to poke back.

Thus the revolution was born.

Allison was among those lucky few in the preliminary group of pokage.  Soon, she too began to poke people, to follow her poke suggestions, to follow her destiny.  The revolution continued.

Facebook does its duty by suggesting pokes; something that did not happen in the old days (long before the switch to timeline, back when status updates were about your actual physical and emotional status).

Poke suggestions, while sometimes random, do provide a great amount of fun to the experience.  Old friends who you have forgotten about, and people you regularly stalk, they all show up as suggested pokes.

We’re sure many of you have a great deal of questions about poking. Who can I poke? When should I poke? Is there such a thing as too much poking? (the answer to that last question is obviously NO).

We recommend not poking exes, unless you have a solid relationship, we do recommend poking parents and good friends though.  Good candidates are anybody that may find it funny or people you haven’t talked to in a while.  If there is anybody who might get a little annoyed, you should definitely poke. Remember: nobody is truly a facebook friend until they poke back.

What does poking mean?  To us, poking is a way to think about the most important people in our lives on a daily basis.  When we poke somebody on facebook, we usually think a nice thought about our friendship,  past, present, or future.

Others may think poking has a quasi-sexual connotation: “I think it’s a nice friendly way to touch each other,” said Craig Richie, ‘14.  But let’s get real,  a poke is basically a way of bothering a friend and reminding them of your existence and how much you love them.



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