Silbert: Unnatural Nature

Rachel Brunstein
Staff Writer

The Silbert Gallery currently has Unnatural Nature on show, exhibiting work by seven local artists. Curator Laura Amussen said in this show she, “strives to include multiple aspects of the initial idea.” This is done very well, as several mediums are used in this exhibit to depict nature.

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Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art is used through drawing and painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, video, and photography. Pieces of art that stood out were by Marcia Wolfson Ray and Zoe Friedman. Ray gathered sticks and branches and tied them together into different arrangements for her piece. This really brought the theme of nature right into the gallery, and reminded me of the woods here at Goucher.

In her artist statement, Ray says, “I collect most of the materials myself and the work I do outdoors is central to what I produce.” Friedman produced two large prints that geometrically symbolize nature. In her artist statement, Friedman explains, “through repetition and inversion, extensive patterning reveals the hidden geometries that are always present within organic forms.” Just looking at her work, which appears to represent the ground on the bottom and the sky on the top, really put me into a trance. Both of these works are just a taste of the exceptional variety in Unnatural Nature.  You can see this fantastic exhibit through March 24th.



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