Fanny Packs: What Happened to Pockets?

Rebecca Bell
Staff Writer

Let me just say, “fanny pack” means something entirely different over on my side of the pond. But this is besides the point. What is important is to address the issue itself. Fanny packs? Seriously? This is never going to be a good look. It’s just another one of those typical tourist styles, along with socks and sandals and crocs that just doesn’t make any sense.

Over spring break, two of my friends revealed the fanny packs that they had brought with them. And of course, my face was shrouded in shame as I walked through security beside them. However, much to my disgust, fanny packs are taking a turn for the better. Yes, this American tourist staple is becoming popular again (was it ever popular?). I have been informed that Urban Outfitters has a line of “fashionable” fanny packs and that sororities actually have packs that they personalize with their sorority name. One of these websites even states that ‘nothing gets a party started faster than a neon fanny pack.’ Hmmm. In actual fact, I began to become slightly jealous when we would go and sightsee. I would be lugging around this damn handbag whilst my two friends were probably skipping hand in hand together, just because they could. They were hands free. Maybe fanny packs have started to make a little more sense. Oh god. Am I becoming a convert?

So I have come to the conclusion that we all supposedly need to jump onto the fanny pack bandwagon. Looks like we all need one; preferably bedazzled personalized neon ones. They are hideous, heinous things, but by golly are they handy, as I’ve learnt. On the same trip, we all went kayaking and, of course, I couldn’t take my camera as it would be in my handbag and my handbag would get soaked. However, a friend of mine had a fanny pack and snapped all the photos in the world. Damn it.



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