Annual 2013 Dance Concert

Rachel Brunstein
Staff Writer

The spring dance concert here at Goucher was a fantastic collection of six very different dances- three ballet and three modern. The ballet pieces ranged from a very classical-type dance, with white dresses to “Dyads,” which had music that sounded like rain, and blue-gray dresses to match, to “Erupting Light,” where lighting played a key role in the dance. The modern dances included an array of pieces as well. The first was student-choreographed, had a creepy feel to it, and human sound in addition to the music. The second, “Wien,” had the most varied movement and sound, and the third, “Road to One,” started with just one dancer on stage, and ended with twenty-four.

The choreography was done by Goucher Dance faculty, student dancers, and guest artists. The amount of work completed with the guest artists is phenomenal. They only come to campus for one week, during which an audition, casting, and choreography all takes place. Afterward, the students work with a faculty member of the Dance Department to rehearse the piece. Elizabeth Ahearn, the chair of the Dance Department, said that the best part about working with Goucher students is “seeing the dancers’ growth, and seeing the work evolve.” Student choreographer, Hayli Throckmorton ’13 enjoys working with her peers because they have “a curiosity about a lot of different aspects of dance.”

Sarah Eckart ’16, a dance major who performed in four of the pieces, says she loves “coming together with the other dancers to create a great experience and performance…and being able to share with everyone what we [the dancers] have been working so hard on all semester.” Eckart also “likes the whole process of working with the guest artists,” from “getting a glimpse” at the beginning, to the end where “the choreography has become an actual work and can speak for itself.”

All of the dancers in the ensemble gave a remarkable performance, and the Dance department is already beginning to work on their next performance in November.



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