Post Punk with Patrick: Tri-State Era

Patrick Bransfield
Staff Writer

Since Tri-State Era’s two-song demo release last summer, I’ve kept the songs “Are You Listening Now?” and “Breeze Home” on repeat in my iTunes. The demo proved that the very young and talented pop-punk band had potential, and thankfully this thought was solidified in my head upon hearing their new single “There’s Nothing You Can Tell Me” released on Heads Up Records Compilation Volume 1.

“There’s Nothing You Can Tell Me” utilizes every component that made the 2012 demo so fantastic – the intricate drum fills, the twinkle-daddy reminiscent guitars, and the well written transitions. However, “There’s Nothing You Can Tell Me” managed to pack even more potential and content in an even shorter piece. The single twists and turns, from the opening strummed out chords that build into a well written crescendo, the song shortly after flawlessly transitions into a slowed down guitar picking section where Mike Rak’s guitar capabilities are displayed. The picking of this section enables drummer Adam Szulczewski to use the rhythms set by the guitar as a backbone for his tom lines and fills. Over vocalists Tim Sandrey and Shane Williams sing “I remember the scene, a smoked out room still haunts my dreams/I sweat of the weight of the world wasted in Unit 18/It’s a drunken and anxious relief, to be rid of the world on top with me with the end of lease.”

I love that Tri-State manages to write lyrics that are personal to them. Rather than speak generally of the way they are feeling in their music, they describe specific moments and the feelings. It makes their music more interesting and while it might be less relatable, specific pictures are painted in my mind from the lyrics.

The song then breaks the established 4/4 time signature into a swung 6/8 and picks up the tempo and emotion as well, with harmonized vocals and yells strategically layered throughout the background of the song. This builds up before the final title lyric “It’s about time that I realize there’s nothing you can tell me/That I haven’t told myself.”

Tri-State Era’s new single proves that they are an incredibly tight band as well as excellent song writers, and only makes me more eager for a full release by this band, although I’m perfectly content with listening to this song on repeat.



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