Are college meal plans eliminating the “freshman fifteen”?

Lilly Quiroz
Staff Writer

First-year college students are always excited for the new experiences they will encounter in college; however, one thing that worries students is the infamous “freshman 15.” Some students do not realize that their meal plan will not suffice to feed them three times a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, most plans will only provide a student with one meal swipe a day. Does the freshman 15 truly exist then?
If you visit Stimson, be cautious. Although it is a buffet dining hall, that does not mean pigging out is the way to go. Going to Stimson feels like eating out every night. There is a lot of junk food to indulge in. It’s just so tempting because it smells so delicious. Luckily, Goucher does a good job of offering healthy options. Visit the salad bar and enjoy! Don’t go too far past the salad bar or you will encounter the tempting desserts. Staying away from the desserts is probably a wise choice if you’re trying to keep those pounds off. Don’t freak out about having only one meal per day. I hate having to limit how many times I can go out to eat, so I opt for buying the Eco-Clamshell and taking food for later. Students who have been here for a while have figured out how to work the system, and some first-years have already caught on as well.
Heubeck has a great vibe. Although you might have to kindly ask to share a table with someone, you’ll find a great place to eat there. The staff is really friendly and the food is great. Even though it offers fewer options than Stimson, there is still a good variety. Being able to personalize a stir-fry has to be my favorite thing about Heubeck. There are limited desserts there, so if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to grab some when you get your first plate of food. Of course, the Eco-Clamshell strategy can be used at Heubeck—don’t be ashamed to go for seconds to take home. You’ll thank yourself later.
Goucher is a small school, but we must be growing because the dining halls are filling up quicker and the forks are disappearing. If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, you might want to start learning. I joke – however, you might notice students standing frantically waiting to dig into their plateful meals.
Also, don’t forget to mix it up a little. You might get bored of having the same food daily. Luckily, all of the dining halls do a good job of offering a variety.  Check the weekly menu to decide if you might like the options being served.
The upperclassmen have the situation covered. First-years, being only three weeks into college, will soon begin to realize how to handle the one-meal-per-day dilemma.
There are ways to take control of the situation. Be smart with what you eat and when you eat. Grab lunch at one of the buffet dining halls and take some for dinner later. It is still possible to gain a couple of pounds in the course of a school year. Just be conscious of what you allow into your body.



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