Athletics department aims for stricter policy for overnight recruits

Megan Meluskey
Staff Writer

Athletic Director, Geoff Miller and Vice President and Dean of Students, Bryan Coker introduced changes in policy regarding overnight visits for potential student athletes.  The Goucher athletic department now prohibits recruits from being taken off campus.
The new policy also requires a signature from both a parent of the recruit and the current student athlete hosting the recruit.  The signature implies that the host will refrain from providing alcohol to a recruit or consuming alcohol themselves.  This signature will be required of all hosts each time they he or she has a recruit.
While the consumption of alcohol during recruitment visits has always been prohibited, Miller says, “We are hoping this is a reminder to both the prospect, and the host, of their responsibilities during the visit.”
By prohibiting off campus transportation, current student athletes will be further deterred from drinking during the visit.  It also lessons other risks associated with substance abuse, such as drunk driving.  Traditionally athletes have depended on taking their recruits to off campus parties during overnight visits, however many are in support of the new policy.
“The absence of drinking and partying from recruitment visits will allow us to positively reinforce the values of our athletic program” stated Jessica Leffers, a sophomore on the women’s soccer team. Leffers’s teammate Julianna Harkavy, also a sophomore said, “[the policy] will allow everyone to feel comfortable and safe.”
These changes and enhancements to the policy are designed to protect minors who visit the campus.  They also protect the college from the liabilities associated with minors who come to Goucher for a visit.
Miller believes that the policy will send a clear message to prospective student athletes that Goucher is an institution for students who want to be a part of a serious athletic program.



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