Electronic music breaks into the american market

Lilly Quiroz
Staff Writer

The spread of techno music has finally made it onto American radio. In the past week several electronic dance songs have busted their way into

(Photo: Google Images)

(Photo: Google Images)

the top 40, three of them are in the top ten.
The catchy rhythmic beats of Zedd’s “Clarity” (ft. Foxes), Calvin Harris’ “I Need Your Love” (ft. Ellie Goulding), and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” are some of the songs that have not only made it onto our Friday night soundtracks, been featured in The Colbert Report, with a hilarious celebrity dance montage to “Get Lucky,” and been the only songs on 104.6, but has also made top 40 in the music charts. Some of the artists are new to the popular music scene, their songs following huge names like Robin Thicke, Macklemore,  and Bruno Mars.
Although techno, a sister genre to electronica, originating in Detroit, is popular in the United States, electronica dance music has until now been most popular among European clubs and dance parties. Now it seems the bumping, night-time genre is finally getting the air time it deserves here on the home front.
Additional electro artists like Martin Solveig, Avicii, and Nicky Romero are climbing the charts as well as their way into our parties. Their music combines synthetic rhythms, bumping beats, and a banging base to get the blood flowing, sweat dripping and booties shaking.  Finally, EDM is rising in popularity. Their music is prefect for multi-mood listening, put them on while kicking back with friends, working out, or dancing the night away.
In Belgium there is an annual electronic dance music festival called Tomorrowland. The popularity has now started to spread, so much that a new festival has been created in the United States this year. This festival will be called Tomorrowworld and it will be held in Georgia on September 27th- 29th. If you feel the need to get your grove on down south buy your passes and plan that road trip, because I think electronic music is the new  dub-step.


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