New faces on campus: Goucher welcomes eight new professors

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

Goucher hired eight new professors for the Fall semester. Each comes from several different disciplines and hail from various states and even from abroad.
Dr. Evan Dawley is a new assistant professor in the History department. He received his doctorate in East Asian studies from Harvard University and previously worked at the Office of the Historian in the State Department and taught at Reed College, Georgetown and George Washington University. Dawley became interested in the study of Asia when he was in high school during the protests in Tiananmen Square. When asked how he feels about Goucher after his first week, he said, “It feels right.”
Dr. Carolyn Schwarz, the newest member of the Sociology and Anthropology Department, grew up not too far from campus in Gaithersburg and had a sister who considered becoming a student at Goucher.
“I know Goucher has an excellent reputation for undergraduate studies,” she said. So when when she saw an opening, she immediately took it. One of her favorite parts about Goucher is the small class sizes. Schwartz’s first week at Goucher was  “awesome” and felt that it was “the best first week” she could have asked for.
Dr. Jenny Lenkowski–a new assistant professor of biological sciences–became interested in biology when she was a child. At first she thought she would become an ecologist, but once she was introduced to the lab, her interests shifted, and she became a developmental biologist. Before coming to Goucher, Lenkowski taught English in China for a year and was a teacher’s assistant at her graduate school, Tuft’s University.
There are two new French professors in the foreign language department: Professor Jeanne-Rachel Leroux and  Dr. Nicolas Médevielle
Professor Leroux is from Normandy, France. In addition to teaching, she is also serving as the co-director of Goucher’s Language House. Her past experiences teaching foreign languages include a teaching job in Japan where she taught both French and English. She also held a teaching position in Paris.
As a student, Leroux studied at Université de Rouen and INALCO (Institut National de Languages et Civilistions Orientales) in Paris. She learned English while studying in Scotland. In addition to English and French, she wants to study other foreign languages, such as Vietnamese and Italian.
Dr. Médevielle is also from France. He studied several different subjects while at school and received his undergraduate degree in Law, a Master’s in Political Science, and a Ph.D. in French and Italian Literature and Culture from Ohio State. He taught at Ohio State as a graduate student and then spent seven years teaching at other colleges before coming to Goucher: four at William and Mary College and three at Kenyon College.
Dr. Emily Billo teaches Environmental Studies. Before coming to Goucher, she worked at the environmental non-profit National Resources Defense Council, which addresses society’s impact on the environment. Her discipline, however, is different from Environmental Science in that it includes a social science component rather than just being a “hard science.” It focuses on how humans effect the environment and nature.
Billo is “impressed with the students’ engagement in class,” saying that they are “prepared and always ready to do work.”
Dr. Scott Moerschbacher, the new Physics professor, taught at his undergraduate school Lycomming College as well as Alfred University and American University before coming to teach at Goucher. He also spent time at Los Alamos Nuclear Technology working on a program called Render-Safe which helps to identify and, if need be, disarm bombs left in unattended bags at airports. Moerschbacher originally planned to study English and Political Science in college and wanted to become a lawyer. But after talking to a friend and taking a class outside of his discipline, he switched to Astronomy. He later switched again to study Physics.
Professor Jason Cherubini is a professor in the Business Management. He was an adjunct professor at Loyola University, just a short ride away, for six years. As a student, he spent his entire college career at Tulane University in New Orleans, La. He also worked as a consultant for Seraphim Associates International. He knew about Goucher from working at Loyola and is using that knowledge as his start-off point to become a full-time professor.
All these professors will presumably add something interesting to the Goucher academic community.



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