Scoop’s Corner: First impressions and plenty of questions

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

I have been attending college classes for about two weeks, and for some reason, my brain still refuses to accept the fact that it won’t be returning to high school.  It feels more like I’m at one of those academic summer camps that takes place on a college campus, but with less supervision and fewer lanyards and a ton more work. I don’t think I’ve ever had this amount of work in one week before, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I decided to do a fifteen credit semester, including one class that is usually taken by sophomores and juniors. Or is this totally normal?
As a freshman in the second week of my college education, I still have a long list of questions that I’d love to be answered. But since this is a “Freshman Perspective” piece, I should probably do a little more than just ask a long list of seemingly random questions. So, how does a combination of a general overview, rant, list of conspiracy theories, and just a couple of questions sound?
So far, other than the lack of sleep and the overweight, over-stuffed messenger bag I bring everywhere, things have been pretty good. I actually like my classes and teachers. Everybody is super-friendly, and helpful. I’ve already made a few friends who I can hang out with, eat with, or even just make the excuse, “Sorry, I can’t join you because I have homework to do.” I’ve also joined the newspaper (obviously), which I’m super-psyched about since I was on my high school paper and the Q has actual deadlines! Yes, I love deadlines, especially the sound they make as they fly by.  I don’t even want to talk about how deadlines for the newspaper worked at my high school … So many flew right over my head.
My bigget fear is that I won’t be able to keep up with everything and will either fail or die from lack of sleep while trying. Maybe I still need time to adjust. How long did it take everyone else to adjust to college? One week? One month? One semester? One year? An entire college career?  Am I doing too much? How do I know if I am? What do most people do their freshman year? Surely, they aren’t already staying up until the wee hours of the morning doing work and not eating so they can work faster (and don’t worry about the food; I promised my parents I’d eat at least two real meals a day). Then again, I also said I wouldn’t spend all my time in the library, but I’ve already seen that promise can’t be kept which brings me to my theories about Goucher.
1) It was designed by whoever was the architect of Hogwarts. I swear that over fifty percent of the time I can’t find my way to Hoffberger and I’m willing to bet it’s because the paths move just like the Hogwarts staircases. 2) The library is open 24/7 specifically to make students feel guilty about not spending all their time studying. 3) Food is allowed in the library to encourage studying, and 4) Alice’s only exists to encourage that behavior through a conspiracy that involves a high availability of caffeine and addictive grilled cheese sandwiches.
Speaking of which, one of those sounds really good right about now (9:30 pm on a Wednesday night), so I think I’ll just wrap this article up and go grab one since I’ll probably be here for a bit.  I’d like to let this article end on a question, a very important one that I’ve been wondering ever since I started looking at Goucher … It might upset some people but I think it needs to be asked. Why is our mascot a gopher named Mortimer? Wouldn’t Galahad or Gaylord or Ghengis or any other G-name have been better? (Personally, I’m all for Galahad.)



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