Syrian chemical weapons may mean another war

Samer Salem
Staff Writer

President Obama has initiated a strike plan against Syria for the use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians. The strike is to punish Bashar Al-Assad for the deaths of more than 400 children and 1400 civilians on August 21st of 2013. Foreign countries such as France and Turkey are

President of Syria Badhar Al-Assad. (Photo: Google Images

President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad. (Photo: Google Images

backing America with the plan to strike the Syrian regime in order for Assad to stop the use of chemical weapons. Recently, the United Kingdom stepped out as an ally for the United States due to the British parliament’s vote against the strike. However, Prime Minister David Cameron has given President Obama his personal okay for the strike. In addition, Obama has also gone to U.S. Congress to gain their approval.
The possibility of the strike has caused worry and panic across the Middle East. Many countries of the European Union are waiting for the chemical weapons report that was conducted by the United Nations last month. If the reports come back positive, then the EU will create a plan to stop the use of the weapons. The EU will establish a second Geneva conference for Syria with the UK as its main backer.
Middle Eastern countries, and the Arab League have asked the United States not to intervene in fear of an external war to start. Only Saudi Arabia has given the “okay” for the United States to strike, while Egypt has strongly opposed it. The United States and other nations supporting the strike have given clear evidence and informational analysis of the use of Bashar’s chemical stockpiles. President Obama says the strike is not intended to topple the regime but stop the use of chemical weapons. Some foreign powers are skeptical that this will give more power to the extremists.
The world fears that the terrorists will set up shop as rebels take over Syria. As the extremist rebels are gaining a popular momentum throughout the opposition, they are also causing destruction across Syria. Minority groups such as the Kurds and Christians are increasingly endangered due to the elevated violence of extremist groups like the Al-Nusra Front. International intelligence agencies have published their detailed reports on Assad’s use of chemical weapons and are pushing for the strike. The intelligence agencies are increasingly wary of the extremists getting ahold of the chemical stockpiles and distributing it globally to each terrorist group. The United States agree that this is not only just a human rights violation but as well as a global threat. Although President Obama has informed lawmakers that this will be a narrow, targeted strike to stop Assad, U.S. citizens fear of an economical relapse that will engulf the United States into another war. The possible strike could increase global economical stress that would affect many countries.
In his speech on Tuesday, President Obama said he wants to delay the vote in Congress and potential military action to pursue Russia’s proposal to solve the chemical weapons dispute.
Secretary of State John Kerry went to Russia on Thursday to meet with Russian counterparts to discuss their options.



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