The inside scoop: A profile of Goucher’s class of 2017

September is a time of change. The seniors come back with a swagger in their walk. The juniors study abroad, leaving for exotic countries with intriguing subjects, while the sophomores enter Goucher with a bit more confidence than they did the year before. Everybody sees their old friends on the Van Meter highway, visits their old hang-outs, reminisces about last year and makes promises for the new academic year. Stories of the summer are shared and laughed at and everybody goes to their new dorms. September is like a meal at your favorite restaurant, snug and comfortable but with that zeal of always being a new experience.
Then there are the freshmen. These packed-way-too-much-which-way-is-Alice’s-lost little students are just happy to be on campus. While everyone else is adjusting to the new Julia Rogers building, these students are adjusting to everything. Eating habits, living habits, exercise habits, even the weather – especially this heat – is all brand-new. And, well, it’s scary. People come from all different walks of life and now everyone is expected to room together and get used to college and the academic rigor in a surprisingly short amount of time. I only fully unpacked on the 3rd day of classes. I still haven’t hung up my calendar.
Being a freshman is a scary transition period, but the Class of 2017 has taken it in stride. We have powered through and become an energetic boon to the Goucher campus.
The Class of 2017 is one of the largest classes in Goucher’s history. Our year has 410 students, chosen out of 3,461 applicants. These 410 students come from 359 high schools in 39 states, and eight other countries. Twenty-six percent of our class identify themselves as multicultural students. There are also 34 transfer students who chose Goucher to continue their education. All in all, it’s been a crazy experience meeting so many people who come from around the world.
However, we would be even more lost and confused without a great support team. Goucher College has been extremely supportive (and patient when I ask where Hoffberger is for the billionth time), especially the awesome and welcoming members of our Orientation committee. “They were extremely helpful in teaching us where everything is and getting us motivated for the new school year,” said Tori Gingrich ‘17.
Alex Moore ’17, echoes Tori’s view, “Yeah, they were super pumped and that energy transferred well into our groups. They were excited, so we got excited.”
At ridiculous hours of the morning and night, the OC members were there to help us acclimate to college life. Rachel Martin ’14, a first-time Connections leader and two-time Orientation leader, had similar thoughts. “The Class of 2017 seems really excited to be here, and that energy carries well all over campus. As an Orientation leader, it made me happy to tie with you guys during Opening Celebrations. We were so proud!”
As a freshman, I’m excited to be here and to finally be a college student. But despite the excitement, I miss the comfort of home. I miss my mom, my neighborhood [shout out to Brooklyn!], my close friends, and all the little things you leave behind. My pets, my TV, my kitch en, even that broken chair in my room. I miss home. But through having such a great class and an even greater college, I can make a new home at Goucher. And hey, maybe one day I’ll find the entrance to Hoffberger on my own. You guys are great, and I’m really looking forward to the next 4 years.



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