SGA suspends senate, calls for constitutional convention

Jaclyn Peiser

In an email sent to the student body on Tuesday night, the Student Government Association explained their decision to suspend senate meetings until spring semester.
“Senate hasn’t met this semester because of a serious issue with the constitution,” read the email. “The current constitution (modified last spring) requires the election of house representatives at the beginning of the Fall semester. However, this semester we discovered that it was impossible to hold those elections for a number of reasons.”
In fall 2012 SGA voted to replace at large representatives in senate with representatives from each residence hall. However, as the executive board stated in their email, “this semester we discovered that it was impossible to hold those elections for a number of reasons.” Thus causing the executive board to modify the procedures in the constitution.
SGA President Hayim Wolf ‘14 explains that the executive board “did not take the decision to take action lightly.”
“The SGA constitution is an impressive document, but one sorely in need of examination,” he explained. “The executive board decided that taking the time now to critically and thoughtfully examine and improve our constitution from the ground up would be the responsible thing to do. Ignoring the problems in SGA doesn’t serve the students.”
Wolf ensures that the executive board will continue as usual and that clubs will still have the opportunity to petition for money.
“While we embark on this process, clubs swill still be able to petition for money and students will still be able to address and hear from members of the administration in a once-monthly public forum,” Wolf said.
In an effort to get the student body more involved, SGA plans to invite students to join the constitutional convention.
“The goal of the constitutional convention will be to find out what students want from student government, and then create a constitution that provides those things in a fair and democratic way,” read the email.
Maura Coughlin ‘14 thinks the suspension and consitutional convention could create an interesting opportunity for students.
“The constitutional convention seems like a good opportunity and an appropriate solution to the issues of the moment,” Coughlin said. “I am glad that SGA is keeping us informed instead of letting us speculate freely.”
However, some students have a different view about the suspension.
“It’s a bit of a power trip to do this for a committee that doesn’t have a heap of power to begin,” Andrew Deal ‘14 said. “And that constitution was updated two years ago, but clearly no one on the exec board was present in any of those meetings.”

*NOTE: Corrections have been made since September 13



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