CDO presents off-campus job fair for students

Hannah Reed
Staff Writer

Goucher College hosted an off-campus job fair for two hours in the Athenaeum on Friday, September 13. Representatives from nine businesses in the Towson and Baltimore areas were invited to advertise both part-time and full-time employment opportunities to Goucher students looking for work. The businesses invited ranged from retail outlets to restaurants to the Baltimore Country Club. Positions offered varied significantly both in terms of salary and level of professional responsibility. Some businesses, most notably Weis of the Putty Hill shopping center, were advertising management positions for soon-to-be graduates looking for full-time employment opportunities.
The fair was well attended by Goucher students, who left an impression on the business representatives present. Many commented on the preparedness of the students, who showed up with résumés in tow, ready to talk to employers about the different opportunities available to them. One representative from the Towson Diner, a local restaurant frequented by Goucher students, expressed his eagerness at the prospect of finding potential employees amongst the Goucher student body.
“I always like to hire students,” he said, “Because they’re always in need of work, and they make great employees.” Both the employers looking to hire and the students looking for work appeared eager to be a part of job fair.
The Career Development Office was responsible for organizing and hosting the fair. Elizabeth Willard, a student employee at the office, described the long process of organizing the event, which began during the summer. Student CDO workers contacted local employers  both to ascertain whether there were jobs available and to invite them to advertise at the off-campus job fair. Interested employers were then put in contact with Meredith McCook, CDO’s assistant director for external relations, who was the main organizer of the event.
Not all local employers with open positions were able to attend, so some supplied information about positions available. All open positions were then compiled into a pamphlet distributed at the fair. Willard stressed that the CDO attempted to reach out to a variety of businesses rather than focusing on those within a specific job sector, such as retail industry or the restaurant industry, during the selection process.
The off-campus job fair marks the second in a series of events to be hosted by the Career Development Office at Goucher this semester. The first was the on-campus job fair, a similar event two-weeks prior, during which on-campus offices were invited to advertise employment opportunities available to students.
While most Goucher students are employed on campus, the college cannot employ every student looking for a job, making the off-campus job fair an essential component of the CDO’s annual employment events calendar, according to Willard. This semester, the CDO will also be hosting several, slightly more formal employer info sessions throughout the semester, where employers from different industries will be invited to teach students about job and internship opportunities in a more personal setting. The first of these sessions was held on September 20, and will be followed by two others on October 11 and November 1.



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