From an athlete: Reasons to resurfacing Goucher’s outdoor track

Zoe Malkin
Staff  Writer

For as long as running has been a human activity, people have been plagued by shin splints. Runners use ice-cups, complete series of stretches with their feet and calves to

Members of women’s Cross Country after the Baltimore Metro Meet. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

Members of women’s Cross Country after the Baltimore Metro Meet. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

increase strength, and they even spend time in training rooms. But what if there was a solution, or at least something that would help prevent them? Something like squishy, up-to-date outdoor tracks that have both the support and the buoyancy to decrease the amount of pounding our bodies endure with each stride. While an expensive endeavor, resurfacing a track is a project well worth the expense. It’s our bodies we are talking about. With that said, the topic of re-surfacing the Goucher track has been an issue that the cross-country and track and field teams have discussed. Sooner rather than later, our beloved over-used track needs to be taken care of.
Our outdoor track sits gloriously next to the lacrosse fields just below what us runners call the “back jump field.” For years we have utilized the track for our workouts and our races, and as a result, our track has absorbed our sweat and tears. But at this point, it needs a facelift. A new layer of squishy, bouncy polyurethane is desperately needed in our facility to prevent injuries. The seemingly rock-hard surface and lack of bounce can no longer absorb our weight. It almost hurts to land on it. With lack of give, all pliability has disappeared. Thus it’s easy to say that Goucher’s outdoor track has an expired shelf-life.
But now the question becomes how Goucher will afford this new project. With the Julia Rogers renovation and the current Hoffberger changes, it’s hard to determine where all of this money will come from: begging Athletic Director Geoff Miller? According to President Sanford Ungar, the person to talk to about all of this is Margaret Ann Radford-Wedemeyer, who is in charge of school-wide fundraising initiatives. After speaking with Ms. Radford-Wedemeyer, I was directed to Greg Permison, the Assistant Director of Annual Giving of Athletics and Young Alumnae and Alumni. We are getting closer! But in all seriousness, something needs to be done about this track. The clay is worn so dramatically that you can see the layer below it. Christine Cherry, member of the cross-country and track teams said, “When we were doing our workout the other day, the track looked banked.” That’s not a good sign.



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