Scoop’s Corner: The trials and tribulations of living with a roommate

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

My roommate is away for the weekend again. This is the third time since school started that she hasn’t been here for an extended period of time. It is kind of lonely, but at least it means I can go in and out whenever I want without worrying about waking her up. It also means I can dance around to show-tunes or just sit quietly on my bed and read and not be judged for either choice.
Don’t get me wrong, my roommate and I get along well. Our morning classes start at the same time so there are no awkward mornings where one of us feels the need to tip-toe around to get ready. We share food. We talk about classes and life. It’s something more than tolerance but something that isn’t quite friendship. To be honest, we don’t have a lot in common when it comes to taste in music or movies or books. Most likely, if she wasn’t my roommate, our paths wouldn’t cross.
Even as roommates, we hardly see each other during the day. Once we both head off to our classes, we usually don’t see each other until nighttime. She prefers to study in our dorm room; I prefer the Athenaeum. If she’s not studying, she’s usually hanging out with her friend who lives across the hall. If I’m not doing work…well, I’m usually doing work. She feels bad that I have so much to do. I’m jealous that she has so little. She’s almost always asleep by the time I get back and the last thing I want to do is wake her up. In order to be as quiet as possible, I usually just change into a pair of pajama pants rather than changing into a full set of pajamas or taking a shower (as I sometimes want to). Honestly, I don’t have a huge issue with this. Most of the time, I just want to get to sleep as fast as I can, so the quicker I can get ready for bed, the better.
I’m not really sure how other people get along with their roommates, but since I don’t hear yelling or fighting on my floor, I’m guessing everyone is doing pretty well. Most of the people I’ve befriended here at Goucher live in singles, and they like it.  I admit I’ve considered it. I’m an introverted person. I wouldn’t mind living in a single. But I’m afraid that would severely limit my social life, because my roommate usually leaves the door open when we’re both in the room. When I’m alone, I usually have it closed. I like the quiet and the privacy.
I do have one big concern: what do I do if I get locked out of my room? That happened to me last weekend when I went out to take a shower. I left my keys and cellphone in the room. I thought I had left the door unlocked. I spent like twenty minutes knocking on doors in my hall before I went to a friend’s room downstairs to borrow his cellphone. I know you’re only permitted to be let into your room three times by Public Safety before you have to pay, so is it selfish to want to have a roommate just to have somebody to let you in after you shower? I’d really rather not be out in the hallway in a bathrobe if I don’t have to.
Hopefully my roommate and I will get a bit closer over the year. Maybe go out on a midnight fast food run or something like that. If not, or if I can’t think of anyone to room with next year, single room here I come.


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