Sophomores column: We Are the Forgotten Year

Tori Russell
Staff Writers

Anna Martin
Staff Writers

We are the sophomores and we are the forgotten year: The freshmen are the special new students, the juniors are all having fun abroad, and the seniors are leaving. We are in the middle of all of this. Professors are not accepting if we forget our homework because we’ve supposedly had “a year to adapt.” We cannot use the old “but I didn’t know where Van Meter room 103 was” if we are late for a class. Instead, we are those kids who are supposed to know everything, but do not. We have to try and declare a major. We have to try and choose a place to study abroad. We basically have to figure out our lives in one year. We are the sophomores.
Being a sophomore isn’t easy. Even though we are a lot more settled in at Goucher than we were freshman year, we are still going through new experiences every day. So, how did the sophomores become the forgotten year? We need support just as much as the other years.
The faculty and staff are busy devoting time to the first years, showing them the policies around campus and educating them about what it is like to be a Goucher student. Juniors are either busy preparing to go abroad or are already away. The faculty and staff are working to assist them with this journey. Seniors are just ready to graduate. They are busy fulfilling graduation requirements and enjoying their last year as college students. They are checked out. To make sure they fulfill requirements, faculty and staff are working closely with them. Meanwhile, there is the sophomore class in their own corner. We are not new anymore, so nobody thinks we are the “oh so cute” first years. If we make a mistake, we are now fully responsible for it. What to do?
At the release of every issue of the Q, we will give readers tips and advice from juniors and seniors, as well as tidbits from staff about how to survive this crazy year. Remember: we will rise. 2016. Yellow submarine.

xoxo Gossip Girl 2.0.


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