Athlete Profile: Demie Huffman

Sarah Pardus
Chief Copy Editor

The Goucher field hockey team is known for its close-knit atmosphere. Sophomore Demie Huffman, goalkeeper for the Gophers, chose Goucher for this very reason.

Demie Huffman at Beldon Field. (Photo: Nora Morgan)

Demie Huffman at Beldon Field. (Photo: Nora Morgan)

She noted that the biggest draw for her was the team dynamics. After her first recruiting trip, she already felt like she genuinely knew the team.
Huffman’s field hockey career began seven years ago. Throughout that time, she has gone through what she called an “identity crisis” in terms of her position on the field. She switched back and forth between playing on the field and in the goal early on in her career, ultimately deciding to be a goalie her junior year in high school. During this time that she received honorable mentions for her district both junior and senior year in high school, and led the team as captain in her senior year.
On the academic side, Huffman plans to declare a biochemistry major and French minor. She wants to teach high school biology and chemistry. Attending a Division III college was important to Demie, since she wanted to be able to study abroad and put her academics before athletics without compromising the sport she loved.
Huffman is a big asset for the Gophers. In the third game of the team’s three-game winning streak, their first one since September 2011, she didn’t have to make a single save for the first 35 minutes of the game against Bethany College, ultimately resulting in a 5-0 shutout. Against Landmark Conference opponent Scranton, she made a total of 14 saves, a season high for her.
The first five games “started off a little rocky with 5 consecutive losses” but the team overcame that struggle with the three-game winning streak before moving into conference play. Despite these challenges, the team persevered and Huffman feels like they are able to “rely on each other and hold ourselves to the standard we know we need to be at.” While the results may not show their potential or skill, Huffman believes the chemistry the team has is truly special. She went on to say that “when the score at the end of the game didn’t tell the whole story or express the strides we had gained,” she said it helped to have a team that meshes really well together.
Playing for a team that is notoriously upbeat and enthusiastic makes a world of difference. Because the girls are so supportive of each other, Huffman said, “It’s inspiring to be part of such a dynamic team.” She added that the improvements are obvious both individually and within the team during every practice. The team is young and has a lot of potential and “our record of 3-6 doesn’t do that justice.” The girls are looking to change that this year; they want to be taken more seriously as a team within the conference games and show everyone why they shouldn’t be underestimated. They continue to work hard in and out of practice and with their love for each other and for the sport; they will make that splash in the conference that they are looking for.



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