iOS 7: Hit or miss?

Rachel Brustein
Co-Features Editor

Whenever Apple releases new software, I am reluctant to download it because the process is always a hassle. But after hearing about iOS 7 and seeing it on other

The new iOS 7 lock screen and home screen. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

The new iOS 7 home screen. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

people’s phones, it looked really cool. My roommate had some troubles with it at first, so I hesitated a few extra days before downloading it, but in the end, I was happy with the end result.
The software has a very fresh and crisp look to it, especially on the apps that come with the iPhone. In addition, there are several new ringtones and backgrounds, some of which are moving photographs. One new feature is iTunes radio, similar to Pandora, which allows you to make your own stations with music you like or select a pre-made station specific to an artist or genre. Another exciting aspect of iOS 7 is the screen that slides up from the bottom allowing access to music, the clock, calculator, camera, built-in flashlight, and other features.
According to the informational video on Apple’s website, the new software is programmed to keep up with the contacts one communicates with the most frequently, as well as one’s most used apps. The video also mentioned that Siri has new capabilities, including a man and woman’s voice, as well as being able to change the settings.

The new iOS 7 lock screen. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

The new iOS 7 lock screen. (Photo: Christopher Riley)

Although the software seems to be well received, Goucher students have varying opinions. Christie Hoffmann ’16 does not like iOS 7 because “the new font is thin and difficult to read … also … all the apps look different.” Emily Hewlings ’16, however, says it is “cleaner and has fewer distractions,” and because she enjoys photography, she loves that “the photo app is more organized.”
Hewlings said, “I wasn’t concerned about whether or not I’d like it because I knew I’d get used to it.”
Rimma Cohen ’16, who likes the new software overall, especially the control center, newsstand, and camera, is “not a fan of the calendar update.” But of course, just like the uproar that occurs every time Facebook or Apple changes something, people eventually overcome the fuss and get used to the new settings.



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