Post Punk with Patrick: Into It. Over It.

Patrick Bransfield
Staff Writer

Into It. Over It.’s new album titled “Intersections” is a window in on the currently social life and emotion state of emotional music mastermind Evan Weiss. Evan

Evan Weiss (Intoit. Over it.) seen here admireing his extensive record collection (Photo: Google Images).

Evan Weiss (Intoit. Over it.) seen here admireing his extensive record collection (Photo: Google Images).

described the record as an album of updates on where his relationships previously shared in Into It. Over It. songs are currently. In that sense, it’s lyrical answer to 2011’s “PROPER,” however the songs have a distinctively different sound than “PROPER.” “Intersections” is a slower paced album that utilizes more spacious clean guitars and possesses an unbelievably raw and honest feel. This is attributed to the producer, Brian Deck, who is most notably responsible for Modest Mouse work.
Opener “New North Side Air” sets the stage for Intersections, starting things off with an interesting combination of clean guitar work accented by heavy hit cymbals. The song remains to sound positive and up-beat throughout however, before breaking into a sweeping lightly distorted bridge in which Evan’s vocal harmonies soar. “Spatial Exploration” is reminiscent of “PROPER,” in terms of rhythmic drive and vocal patterns, however, it prevails to contain the spacey clean picking feel found on Intersections. “The Shaking of Leaves” is possibly the catchiest song on the album with a very simplistic but melodically infectious chorus that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. But the musical tone of the song contrasts the topic of the Mitch Dubey shooting previously discussed on “PROPER”’s “Connecticut Steps.”
My favorite song is “No Amount of Sound” in which Evan Weiss solemnly sings “Foot steps/They followed mother’s death/They followed suit and peeled the paint off the walls” before breaking into a depressing and eerie track lead by Evan’s slow and desperate vocals and intricate tom work by Mike Kinsella of Own. The following track “A Pair of Matching Taxi Rides” picks up a pace comparable to “PROPER” and contains an interesting combination of guitar picking and tremolo effects panned in separate ears.
Overall, “Intersections” is a piece of art. Standing completely on it’s own, it’s natural and full of complex guitar and drum work that somehow retains a relaxed feel. Standing as an answer to “PROPER,” it’s a whole new world of music stories and updates that are clearly personal to Evan Weiss, but feel personal to Into It. Over It.’s listeners as well, as they’re things we have experienced and now grown through with him.



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