Scoop’s Corner: Mid-semester musings

Samantha Cooper
Staff Writer

I refuse to believe that my first semester of college is already halfway over. There are so many things I have yet to do … Which is anything a stereotypical college student should do that doesn’t involve studying, or writing essays, or reading fifty pages in one sitting. I would love to get out of the library every once in a while and let the sun soak into my increasingly Vitamin-D deprived skin.
I am getting tired of lugging around a twenty-something pound bag, plopping myself in the library until insane hours of the night, and eating all my week-night dinners in one of the carrels. Still, I love my classes and if I am ever going to become a journalist/author/superhero/Hogwarts professor/genius/billionaire philanthropist then I need to get started (I know that journalists don’t earn a lot of money but a girl can dream).
On my to-do list right now: read about several supreme court cases, study for a psychology exam, write about the supreme court cases, read two essays for English, write about those essays, read about pre-modern Vietnam, write about Japan’s first interactions with America, write this article, keep up with current events, eat three meals a day, sleep for at least seven hours a night, and master all four elements by the winter solstice in order to defeat the Fire Nation and restore balance to the world. Plus I just turned in a six page essay on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog for my Comm class that I spent all night editing (and by all night, I mean until like 1:30 a.m.).
In order to accomplish these feats that should be far beyond a college freshman, I have given up television watching (except for Legend of Korra on Friday nights), fan-fiction writing, sleep, and a bit of sanity. Basically, I feel like Hermione Granger in “Prisoner of Azkaban” except that I don’t have a time-turner! I could get so much more done if those things actually existed. Sometimes at night I dream about having one and going to bed before midnight.
But back on topic… how the heck am I a legitimate college student with bags under my eyes and a caffeine addiction after only half of one semester? Isn’t freshman year supposed to be easy? Shouldn’t I be spending my nights frolicking through campus enjoying my youth rather than eating food out of a vending-machine and living like a hermit in the library? Shouldn’t I be staying up late watching Netflix rather than editing an essay for the thirtieth time?
One thing I should make clear: I love college. I’m not always crazy about the course load, but I love it. The work is challenging. The professors are interesting. I only have to go to two classes a day (three on Tuesdays plus Connections which has made Tuesdays the bane of my existence).
The people are totally awesome. I can order take-out on my own. (Towson’s Best’s Sweet and Sour Chicken Dinner has become my jam. Seriously, a portion of chicken, rice, an egg roll and a can for soda for nine dollars? Count me in.) I can eat cafeteria pizza every day for lunch! (I stopped doing this after the third week. Apparently it is possible to get tired of pizza.) I can drink as much soda as I want, nobody can stop me. I can have cinnamon buns and chocolate croissants for breakfast and snacks…I guess I haven’t become an old, jaded college soul just yet. But I should return to homework … Or nap … Nope … I can sleep later. Homework it is.


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